Vitoria will capture pigeons at the Lakuabizkarra school after years of “unhealthy”

Pigeons inside the Lakuabizkarra school and excrement accumulated on the floor. / E.C

Families denounce that they have been suffering from a recurring problem of feces and even corpses in the yard since 2017

Sara Lopez de Pariza

The students of the Lakuabizkarra school have been suffering the consequences of pigeons nesting in the pediment where they play every day at recess for more than five years. The ground is full of droppings and there have even been cases of corpses of these birds that the families themselves have had to remove. Their fight began in 2017 and since then there have been meetings with the City Council to try to put an end to this unpleasant situation. “It is clearly an unsanitary problem,” they denounce from the AMPA.

It seems that the Consistory will soon take action on the matter. As this newspaper has learned, a cage will be placed at the top of the sports center to selectively capture these animals and put an end to the health hazard they generate. Something that was already done at the end of 2017, as in the Ibaiondo, Ángel Ganivet and Ramón Bajo schools. Beyond this solution, which at the time drew criticism from environmental groups, the holes in the net will also be repaired to prevent pigeons from accessing the pediment structure and nesting there.

But these two are not the only measures proposed by the report recently prepared by the Department of Public Health. “The main problem is that the animals go there because there is food available,” explain sources from this municipal area. They refer to the remains of food that students leave on the ground after eating lunch or a snack. «The school management has been insisted that they have to clean up the remains when the children eat at recess. Because if they don’t, the pigeons will continue to return, no matter what measures are taken, “the same media insist. In this sense, the report also points out the need to place lids on all the bins in the yard. In addition, a commitment has been made to carry out a “thorough cleaning” to try to remove all feces from the floor.

More frequent cleaning is precisely what families have been demanding for years. «The municipal workers come to clean from time to time, but it is clear that it is not enough. They do it once a month at most, and the janitor takes care of the rest as best she can,” they point out from the AMPA. After the Christmas holidays, the problem has worsened since in recent weeks no one has been in charge of removing the dirt that has accumulated.

Also in Ángel Ganivet

When the excrement is piled up, it is the teachers who have to take the utmost care to prevent the little ones from playing in that area during recess. «Luckily the patio is spacious and they have other spaces to be. But it is not normal that our children have to eat the sandwich on top of a pigeon shit, ”the families settle angrily.

In the case of the Ángel Ganivet school, they had a quiet period in this sense, with the installation of a net they had achieved that there were almost no pigeons on the pediment. However, the animals have returned in recent weeks and yesterday they had to close an area of ​​the Early Childhood Education playground due to the amount of feces that has accumulated.

Vitoria will capture pigeons at the Lakuabizkarra school after years of “unhealthy”