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It is definitely towards Ukraine that the eyes of the pupils of the CM2 class of the Marcelin-Berthelot school, in Dreux, are turned. So, on this Friday morning of January 6, Gladys is the first to launch the discussion “on the 36-hour ceasefire announced by Vladimir Putin for Orthodox Christmas”.

premium Putin’s ceasefire has begun

In the class, the students swing between relief and skepticism.

“It’s good news for the soldiers who will be able to rest and the people who will be able to go out a little without being afraid of the bombardments”.


“It’s a scam by Vladimir Putin to get the Ukrainian army to lower its guard and the Russians to come back stronger.”

Youseef (empty)

But, the students, above all, would like to “stop talking about Ukraine” so that Mylana, who has shared their daily life since the start of the school year, can find a smile and her country, Ukraine, in peace.
Another subject indirectly linked to this war which has been on their horizon for almost a year.

“The power cuts that we risk suffering. They can take place in the morning or in the evening and will last two hours. »

Tylan (empty)

“If they take place in the morning, we won’t be able to go to school because the fire alarm won’t work”. In the evening, at home, without electricity, does not scare Leila, Pauline, Chloé, Mathéo… They will not be able to use their mobile phone, watch television or surf the Internet.

“But we can play cards or board games by candlelight with our families. We can also read books with a flashlight.

Pauline, Chloe, Leila, Matheo (empty)

Last topical subject that has entered the lives of children: the doctors’ strike and the shortage of medicines. Tylan was ill during the holidays: “My mother tried to call a doctor, without success. So I stayed in bed and took Doliprane. It lasted two days and after that it got better.

“Tylan was lucky to have Doliprane because there is also a drug shortage. I think it comes from a problem with the production of drugs that are made in China. Added to the problem of the shortage of medicine is the doctors’ strike”.

Nermine (empty)

Shayan adds: “They are on strike to obtain an increase in the price of their consultation”.

premium GP strike extends to weekend guards

Pauline explains that “the hospital triggered the white plan, because there are too many patients all at once”. Nermine agrees: “The emergency rooms are overwhelmed with patients”.

Interview by Valérie Beaudoin

Words from kids – The pupils of the Marcelin-Berthelot school in Dreux want to “no longer need to talk about Ukraine”