This is how the armed groups that dispute control of northern Antioquia operate

A massacre of 4 young people between the ages of 18 and 20 in the hands of the dissidents of the Farc front 36 was the most recent act of violence that occurred in the North of Antioquia. A subregion that in the first 31 days of the year adjusted 16 homicides8 of them in … Read more

Gilles Darricau, military governor of Lyon: “The armed forces do a lot for national cohesion”

Almost a year after the Russian aggression, the news is still marked by the war in Ukraine. How is the South-East defense zone that you lead from Lyon impacted by this conflict? It is necessary to recall the context and the means deployed. France has taken a series of measures intended to demonstrate its solidarity … Read more

Armed attack and hostage

the essentialPrefecture, police, firefighters, national education, public prosecutor’s office and town hall of Albi were mobilized Wednesday evening for a life-size exercise at the Louis Rascol high school in Albi. Objective: to test the responsiveness and coordination of the various actors in the event of an armed robbery in a school. Shortly before 8 p.m. … Read more

From Perón to the Pope and from anarchism to the Armed Forces, the forced interpretations that Martin Fierro had

In the mouth of Juan Domingo Perón or Pope Francisco, anarchism or the Armed Forces, the Martin Fierro, a masterpiece by José Hernández, has been the object of multiple and constant uses, rewrites, and misrepresentations over the decades. In the National Gaucho Day, The historian and researcher at CONICET Matías Emiliano Casas reviews “the forced … Read more

South Africa: a 100% green school to face the future better armed

Their idyllic ‘green school’, which opened less than an hour from Cape Town last year, has a wild and deeply rooted ambition to stimulate their creativity and resilience in the face of the challenges of a future complicated by global warming and other ecological challenges. Its founder, Alba Brandt, took her husband and three daughters … Read more

Panic in a school: a man entered a technical school armed and shot a teacher

An armed man entered a technical school in the city of San Luis and shot his ex-partner. The victim, a teacher at that school, tried to take refuge in the office of the director of the Germán Avé Lallemant school, but the aggressor fired at the door of that office and, at least, two projectiles … Read more

Panic in a school in Brazil: an armed and hooded former student killed a young woman in a wheelchair. the others fled

It was at a school in Barreiras, in the state of Bahia in northeastern Brazil. The young man arrived completely dressed in black, hood and sunglasses. The attacker carried a firearm and two bladed weapons, climbed the wall of the educational center and from up there began to shoot, unleashing panic. A 19-year-old student in … Read more

Communities of San Pablo, Bolívar, denounce risk due to clashes between armed groups

The communities of the municipality of San Pablo (Bolívar) are experiencing a situation of vulnerability, intimidation and danger due to the presence of armed men identified as members of the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC), From the Peasant Association of the Valley of the Cimitarra River-National Agroecological Network (ACVC-RAN) they denounce that since last … Read more

The truth of the armed conflict reaches the schools of Colombia

The Colombian Minister of Education, Alejandro Gaviria, at a ‘School embraces the truth’ event, at the Tabora school in Engativá, Bogotá.Ministry of Education While María Isabel was reviewing the tasks she had assigned in her peace class, in which that day she spoke about paramilitary violence, one of her students approached her. The teenager told … Read more

American teachers return to schools but are now armed

Paper, pen and gun. From now on this will be the minimum endowment of US teacherswho in order to defend themselves from any new attacks in schools will have to equip themselves with a firearm. This is the solution proposed by the Republicans, who after the Uvalde massacre perpetuated last May by the eighteen year … Read more