Miscellaneous – Suspecting a sexual assault on his son at school, he tries to take justice into his own hands

Since Tuesday January 24, 2023, a father whose son is educated in the middle section at the Saint-Denis-lès-Sens nursery school, has been protesting against the reinstatement of a versatile municipal agent whom he suspects of sexual assault. on her child. Panel in hand, he directly challenges the police, the town hall and the justice system, … Read more

“Boomerang” Tuesday October 5, 2022 on France 2: unpublished fiction with Corinne Masiero on sexual assault at work

On Wednesday October 5, 2022, as part of a special ongoing evening devoted to sexual assault at work, France 2 will broadcast the fiction “Boomerang” at 9:10 p.m., which will be followed by an on-set debate hosted by Julian Bugier. The story in a nutshell… At the print shop Monteil, relations between women and men … Read more

COBAS denounce yet another assault on the school: right

Throughout Italy, schools that have adopted the “Carriera Alias” are under attack by self-styled associations Pro Life & Family and Generation Family, known for having undertaken numerous anti-abortion initiatives supported by the right-wingers who now govern our country and who have launched a legally unfounded propaganda campaign with letters of formal notice to school principals … Read more

Competition for DS emptied to make room for failures from previous competitions? Assault failed (perhaps…)

An obvious rule of competitions should be this: so many places so many winners, period; and for those who pass the competition tests without winning, a certificate of merit is granted to be valid for a future competition. Unfortunately, this is hardly the case, often the non-winners still get the place, pace of law and … Read more

They denounce a professor of the American School of Saltillo for assault against a minor

The address of the Satillo American College informed this Friday to parents that one of his teachers was denounced before the State Secretary of Education and the Office of the Attorney for Boys, Girls and the Family (Pronnif)for a supposed assault on one of his students. The complaint, according to the statement sent via email, … Read more

The Dia report: Covid exploited by the Camorra for consent, the assault on PNRR funds

The clans have exploited Covid to create consensus and aim for PNRR funds: the Antimafia report of the second half of 2021 has been published. The clans managed to transform the Covid pandemic on occasion, taking advantage of the associated restrictions and inconveniences as a valid opportunity to strengthen its presence in the area and … Read more

The Netherlands Bar Association: “Half of lawyers experienced a form of assault in the last 12 months”

ISTANBUL The Netherlands Bar Association (NOvA, for its acronym in Dutch) announced on Tuesday that “half of lawyers experienced at least one form of assault in the last 12 months.” In a Press releasethe bar reported that it commissioned the Dutch research agency I&O Research to carry out a study on the forms of aggression … Read more

‘Pollo’ Fuentes says he suffered sexual assault at a Marist school: “I went home crying”

The singer told in “De tú a tú” that what happened with the ‘Marist brother’ was hidden “under the rug” at that time. This Sunday night just passed in a new chapter of ‘from you to you’Martín Cárcamo received the outstanding singer and entertainer at his home Jose Alfredo Fuenteswith whom he reviewed his career … Read more

Girl who was threatened with sexual assault at a school in Quito: This was the statement of the educational institution in the face of the reprehensible facts.

By Robert Chain August 27, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. A public complaint on TikTok recently went viral. A 9-year-old girl was threatened with attempted sexual assault at a school in Quito. The one who made the complaint via social networks was her mother, even rejecting the position that the institution took in the face of … Read more