Abylsen joins forces with the ICD Business School of the IGS Group » PACA’s economic and political letter

Abylsen partners with the ICD Business School of the IGS Group to train its Talent Acquisition Officers. The ICD Business School of the IGS Group and Abylsen, an engineering consulting group in the Industry, Digital and Life Sciences sectors, are launching the recruitment of the Talent Acquisition Officers promotion. They undertake to train, within the … Read more

Montpellier: MBS is progressing in the national ranking of the best business schools

By Arnaud Boularand Published on 6 Jan 23 at 11:24 Metropolitan See my news Follow this media The international, one of the big strengths of the Montpellier school. (©MBS) Montpellier Business School moved up two places in the reference ranking published by The Student this Thursday, January 5. From 13th place in 2022, the Montpellier … Read more

Young business school graduates demanding of recruiters

They are more daring to impose their conditions on companies and no longer have the same expectations as their elders. “For my first job, I will be very demanding about the company. A first professional experience can launch a career or can, on the contrary, slow it down later,” says Jeanne, a student in her … Read more

Rennes School of Business: the Grande Ecole of all transitions

For the great Breton management school, there is no question of graduating simple experts in management sciences. “Our motto: “Unframed Thinking” (“Thinking outside the box”) is our red thread to prepare the managers of tomorrow to face an increasingly complex world”, explains Svetlana Serdyukov, new director of the Grande Ecole Program (PGE). This teacher-researcher in … Read more

Hectar, an agricultural campus and an agricultural business school: danger?

Posted on January 4, 2023 – HAS + Some are worried about Hectar. Born of a curious partnership between Mrs. Audrey Bourolleau, former “agriculture” adviser to President Emmanuel Macron and businessman Xavier Niel, the project now involves the consulting firm McKinsey. Hazard ? We can have another point of view. Let’s dawdle to … Read more

🔎 Chambéry Savoie Business School

Introduction Chambéry Savoie Business School Currency A spirit of the future Information Foundation 1992 Founder CCI Savoie Kind Large school Location City (A city is an urban unit (a “human settlement” for…) Le Bourget-du-Lac Country (Country comes from the Latin pagus which designated a territorial and tribal subdivision of extent…) France Key figures Teachers 30 … Read more

Economy: At school or in business, volunteering pays for retired experts

Egee, a venerable association recognized as being of public utility, 100% voluntary and benevolent, with little media coverage, has displayed recognized efficiency for just 40 years. Accompanying students, job seekers or business creators to avoid pitfalls. It is particularly active in the region. Volunteering can pay off big. The formula, discreet, finds all its value … Read more

Private groups and fraudulent practices, when higher education becomes a lucrative business

What is the common point between Muriel Pénicaud, former Minister of Labour, Martin Hirsch, former boss of the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, and Guillaume Pepy, long number one of the SNCF? All joined Galileo, a major player in private higher education in France. Recruitments that illustrate the force of attraction of the sector. “Twenty years … Read more