Cartagena will live its Carnival in a big tent in Plaza Mayor

The Carnival return to the streets of Cartagenaand it does so back to normal, without sanitary restrictions and loaded with novelties, such as the installation of a large tent in Plaza Mayor that will host different events and that it will have bars so that the people of Cartagena “can have a beer”, according to … Read more

Carnival holidays 2023, when you don’t go to school: break dates for pupils and teachers

The 2023 Carnival holidays are approaching, but not all schools will close: here are the dates, region by region Posted on: 09-01-2023 12:55 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Professional journalist, I write about news, politics and the economy: I worked for La Repubblica, La Stampa, Sky, Il Manifesto, Ansa, Rai and QuiFinanza. In the past I also dealt … Read more

The Carnival of Blacks and Whites 2023 began with the help of children and adolescents

As every January 2 in Pasto, the Carnival of Blacks and Whites began, which in this version is characterized by returning to face-to-face. From very early on, delegations from 17 corregimientos of the city met at the church of La Merced, to deliver their fruit and flower offerings to the Virgin, as a token of … Read more

The people from Corrientes who defied the French by bringing mate, carnival and chamamé

Two Corrientes represented the province in France and lived for a month in a medieval castle. Student Paula Sandoval, who is in her last year of high school at Eragia, and Professor José Casuso overcame the difficulties of the language and settled in Normandy. Both demonstrated the customs of the country by tasting mate and … Read more