The song by Hombres G that a school in Valladolid has chosen to celebrate Peace Day

Last summer the film ‘I’m going to have a good time’ premiered in theaters, starring in this case by children at school who love the group men g and can’t stop listening to their songs. For this reason, from the San José de Valladolid school they have wanted to create their own video clip for … Read more

Education authorized the process for a school in Cowboys to be called Memory, Truth and Justice | He was chosen by the educational community

The director of the College 5050 of Cowboys, Aldo Pastranareported that the General Directorate of Secondary Education of the province authorized this week an internal provision to carry out the procedure by which the name “Memory, Truth and Justice” will be assigned to that institution. The response was considered late in the educational community that … Read more

The Federico Muelas school in Cuenca, chosen to become one of the 50 Visual Schools in Spain

Visual Schools Program. Since its launch In September of this year, the Escuelas Visuales educational program, promoted by the Orange Foundation and whose objective is to train infant and primary school teachers to promote inclusion in their centers thanks to the use of visual tools, received a total of 240 applications. Of all of them, … Read more

The Rings of Power: Galadriel has chosen TikTok to upgrade on The Lord of the Rings!

news culture The Rings of Power: Galadriel has chosen TikTok to upgrade on The Lord of the Rings! Published on 09/09/2022 at 17:34 They are on the cover of the September issue of Emmy Magazine. The main actors of the event series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power took the opportunity to … Read more

panels chosen for the redevelopment of a Piedmontese school

The Isotetto panels were used for the redevelopment of the 1500 square meters of the “Margherita di Savoia” primary school in Turin. They were chosen for their unparalleled insulating characteristics and ease of installation. Isotetto panels chosen for their unparalleled insulating and long-lasting characteristics With the end of the summer school holidays, the restoration work … Read more

Supplenze 2022 from GPS: assigned in a municipality not chosen in the preferences, how is it possible?

Secondary school year 2022/23: numerous provinces have already run the algorithm for the first time and assigned tasks on 31 August or 30 June 2023 based on the availability present and the preferences expressed by the candidates of GaE and GPS who have applied by August 16, 2022. Did the algorithm work well? It is … Read more

Oise. Jaméricourt: these mothers have chosen homeschooling

By Matthew Le Tirant Published on 15 Jul 22 at 8:58 The Impartial See my news Follow this media Homeschooling runs at the pace of the children. ©The Impartial This is a practice that is strongly questioned today. School at home is seen for the next school year very strictly framed by the new law … Read more

Which ministers have chosen Corsica for their holidays?

After Emmanuel Macron, whose holidays “studious” in Brégançon (Var) began almost a week ago, place for ministers, on leave after the end of parliamentary work, with the usual directives not to stray too far from Paris. The members of the government had been asked to remain in their posts until the end of the debates … Read more

Prato Educating community, the Foundation has chosen the two winning projects | TV Prato

A great mobilization – which saw dozens of associations, third sector bodies, schools, cultural institutions as protagonists – characterized the response to the special Prato community education call of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Prato. On the basis of a careful analysis and taking into account the opinion of the evaluation commission, the Foundation’s … Read more