The school of this commune of the Cotentin threatened with closure at the start of the next school year

Through Writing La Presse de la Manche Published on 30 Jan 23 at 17:14 The Channel Press See my news Follow this media The inhabitants came in large numbers after two years of absence. (©La Presse de la Manche) After two years without vows ceremonythe mayor of Besneville (Manche), Michel Lafosse, and his council welcomed … Read more

Cynthia Naveda: “I was sorry for the closure of ‘De boca en boca’, I went through the same thing before”

It is not the first time that Cynthia Naveda (36), one of the presenters and reporters of the late ‘De boca en boca’, experiences the closure of a space. The same thing happened with ‘Divinas’, on Canal Uno, and with ‘Jarabe de pico’, on Teleamazonas. In the last of those mentioned, she had barely been … Read more

Closure of the Authou school: parents of students block the establishment

Through Yann Rivallan Published on 9 Jan 23 at 12:53 The Awakening of Pont-Audemer See my news Follow this media The parents of students blocked the school in the town this Monday morning January 9, 2023. ©Yann Rivallan The mobilization continues and does not seem to be weakening for the parents of Authou students. A … Read more

Concern in San Benito due to the closure of a private school that leaves a hundred students without a bank

85 boys attend the school but they planned to exceed a hundred because they had decided to expand grades. The lawyer explained that the institution houses many students with some learning problems for various reasons. “He has a lot of autistic kids, with attention problems,” she said. The educational modality is based on neuroscience. The … Read more

Education seeks to avoid the closure of the tertiary careers of the La Salle school

The Authorities from Colegio La Salle, the Ministry of Education of the province and the union that represents teachers from privately run schools (Sadop) will meet this Wednesday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor of the province. The meeting was organized after the institute announced the closure of the four tertiary races that … Read more

La Semina: the closure of the bookshop leaves a cultural void. We were born here in 2005

Meschi spouses In recent days we have learned the news that the Meschi family, after forty years of highly appreciated management of The Tower Library, will leave the historic management. We members of the cultural association “The Seeding” of the Merate area we feel particularly impressed by this event and we express our heartfelt appreciation … Read more

The Board and the College of Pharmacists are studying a solution for the closure of night shifts in Tera and Vidriales

For this first of January it was planned that the pharmacies of the Basic Health Zones “Tera” and “Vidriales” would close their doors to the night emergency services in the time slot from 10 at night to 10 in the morning, according to previewed exclusively Benavente Digital last Saturday. However, the reactions of the mayors … Read more

Six schools threatened with closure in the Yères valley, from Sept

By Lucas Farcy Published on 26 Dec 22 at 7:16 The Eu Informant See my news Follow this media In several villages in the valley, residents have written about their concerns about the announced closure of schools. (©The Informer) The news resonated like a shock wave for the inhabitants of the Yères valley : At … Read more

Threatened with closure, the inter

By Marie-Madeleine Remoleur Published on 20 Dec 22 at 7:40 The Pays d’Auge See my news Follow this media The closure of the inter-municipal music school was of course discussed during the council. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. grinder Saturday, December 3, at a press conference, the announcement had fallen: the intermunicipal music school will … Read more

Bilingual primary schools at risk of closure due to lack of staff. “There is an excellence and we send it to hell”

In 2010 the Ministry of Education presented it as “not so much a special project but a model that intends to become an asset, available to all schools wishing to adopt it”. Twelve years after the trial “Bilingual Education Italy/Bilingual Education Italy (Bei/Ibi) in Primary School” runs the risk of closing its doors forever, at … Read more