Ivory Coast: opening of the first International Exhibition of Ethical Coaches and Associated Professions (SICEMA) in Abidjan

The first International Exhibition of Ethical Coaches and Associated Professions (SICEMA) opened in Abidjan this Thursday, February 02, 2023 around the theme: Ethical Coaching, a factor of development. On the initiative of the firm Coaching Ethique and the International Network of Ethical Coaches (RICE), this exhibition which will bring together for three days (from February … Read more

“On the path of respect”, the POCs bring rights to the Municipalities on board the coaches

FERMANO – On November 25 and 26, the women of the various POCs on board a Steat bus, which collaborates in the event, will tour the Municipalities of Fermo, Petritoli, Monte Vidon Combatte, Ortezzano, Monte Rinaldo distributing information material on how to defend themselves, and many times it is precisely to save oneself from the … Read more

The Voice Kids: Louane and Julien dismissed by TF1, here are the coaches who will replace them!

On Saturday October 8, TF1 broadcast the grand finale of The Voice Kids. This is Raynaud, the young 11-year-old from Reunion, which won the eighth season of the talent show. A candidate who also offered a fourth trophy to his coach, Patrick Fiori. The 11-year-old singer convinced viewers with his covers of “Since you’re leaving” … Read more

Full coaches and uncovered bands: the difficult adjustment at the beginning of the year between school hours and transport

As often happens at the start of every new school year, this year too the uncovered nerve of the school timetables that are misaligned with those of local public transport. I’m numerous complaints from students and parents that our editorial office is receiving in these hours on very objective issues that students are facing in … Read more