This is how the armed groups that dispute control of northern Antioquia operate

A massacre of 4 young people between the ages of 18 and 20 in the hands of the dissidents of the Farc front 36 was the most recent act of violence that occurred in the North of Antioquia. A subregion that in the first 31 days of the year adjusted 16 homicides8 of them in … Read more

Fernando Tobías, author of “What does the TV remote control do in the fridge”: “We live in a system that is not interested in us feeling full; happiness does not sell”

-What is the TV remote doing in the fridge? -We go automatically and the least that can happen to us is to put the TV remote in the refrigerator. We go fast, we do one thing and think of another. We turn to the past when it is no longer necessary, we anticipate a future … Read more

Universidades de Chile y Católica crean el Centro de Prevención y Control de Cáncer

Investigadores/as de la Escuela de Salud Pública de la Universidad de Chile son parte de la implementación del nuevo CECAN, iniciativa orientada a mejorar la prevención, diagnóstico, tratamiento y rehabilitación de las enfermedades oncológicas.   Lunes 19 de diciembre 2022 15:44 hrs.  En Chile la primera causa de muerte es el cáncer y 25% de … Read more

Do not lose control in December: how to organize and manage expenses | La Serena Online

Make budgets, quotes, spreadsheets in apps and use of cards, are part of some of the advice that we will give you December is a complicated month in several aspects, and mainly in the economic one, since the families incur extra expensesespecially due to the proximity of Christmas, where we know that it is a … Read more

Legislature: the ruling party approved the Cooperators Law and denounces that it is “persecutory” | The opposition assures that the PRO seeks “ideological control” in schools

With the votes of the ruling party and its allied blocs, the Buenos Aires Legislature approved the Law of School Cooperators. The norm regulates the operation of the associations and the opposition denounced that it restricts the participation of the educational community with the objective of “control” the cooperators. The network that brings together various … Read more

The facts of Prato and the lack of respect for teachers: “reduced to gamekeepers of children increasingly out of control”. Skopin and the reflections of Prof Piccichè

“Whoever? Whoever?” asks a high school teacher in front of a classroom in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” the film written and directed by John Hughes, youth comedy starring Matthew Broderick, Jeffrey Jones, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara and Jennifer Gray. His stunned students, who pop bubble gum and fall asleep, look towards the front of the … Read more

Montalto power line, “Immediately burying the cables, no to the control units”

COSENZA – “Throughout October, the month of breast cancer prevention, the Municipality of Cosenzaorganize four days of mammography screening and breast counseling. “The initiative is part of an overall action of health policies for the prevention and protection of psychophysical well-being that we have been pursuing since my inauguration”. This is what the mayor, Franz … Read more

Family Center, Snapchat’s parental control tool

One of the main concerns of mothers and fathers of teenagers is to protect them when they start to explore digital platforms on their own. Snapchat Family Center For this reason, Snapchat threw in Mexico your system Parental control through the Family Center. The feature allows parents, guardians and responsible people to know with whom … Read more

‘I don’t play anymore’: a control room against ludopathies is born in Terni

“A phenomenon of this magnitude cannot be tackled individually, fragmenting the actions, but requires integrated interventions between the various services in the area and a personalized design that takes into account the characteristics of the person, needs, potential and risks of intervention “. These are the words with which the councilors Cristiano Ceccotti, Maurizio Cecconelli … Read more

Too much public money and lack of control … The management of Hyères Toulon Var Basket criticized

Like the youngest who found the benches of the school, the elected officials of Hyérois found those of the city council yesterday. An appointment during which, majority and opposition had to take note of the report of the Regional Chamber of Accounts (CRC) of Paca on the management of the Hyères-Toulon-Var-Basket association for the financial … Read more