Historical figure: Fondos Cultura 2023 will allocate more than 5 billion pesos to 412 cultural projects in the Valparaíso Region

· Between the beneficiaries are the youalleres de Kai Kai de la Treasure Humano Vivo Isabel Pakarati; the Tsonami Sound Art Festival; a trolley on Cerro Playa Ancha; improvements to the equipment of the Municipal Theater of Valparaíso; and the Malabicirco International Congress. A total of $ 5,160,957,766 million reached this year the delivery of … Read more

Toni Acosta and Omar Ayuso lead the cultural programming of Maracena

The Town Hall of maracena has presented the cultural program of the Scenic Space ‘City of Maracena’ for the next six months, among which are novel theater shows, concerts and musicals for the province of Granada and for all audiences, which will make Maracena a cultural benchmark. To whet your appetite, IMPRöV #SoloValientes arrives on … Read more

Artistic and cultural education during school time: a project to raise awareness of local heritage in Aube

An artistic and cultural education project is being carried out over the 2022/2023 school year with several schools in Aube, around three historical monuments in the department. the châtelet of the castle of Dampierre; the St-Laurent church in Bouilly; the architectural and landscape heritage of Fouchères (Notre-Dame church, Vaux castle, wayside cross, wash house and … Read more

“The damage of the gift”: the Dioscuri Association launches a new format of cultural events to raise awareness among citizens on psychological and social discomfort

Cultural events focused on various aspects of psychological and social discomfort in the contemporary era, to raise awareness of citizens on current issues and phenomena. With this intention, the Dioscuri Association launches the format “Il Danno del Dono”, conferences/shows which in 2023 will be dedicated to the theme “The body of the contemporary – eating … Read more

Spring programming of the Cuatro Estaciones Magazine with activities that will commemorate the 40th anniversary of Cultural Albacete | Castile

Yesterday the spring program of Cuatro Estaciones Magazine as part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of said Consortium. Act in which the president of the Albacete Provincial Council and the Albacete Cultural Consortium, Santi Cabañero, participated. Spring programming of Cuatro Estaciones Magazine The mayor of the city, Emilio Sáez; the Councilor for Culture … Read more

The good health of cultural activity in the Gers: the actors of Culture in the Gers are doing well

At the end of 2022, the State Secretariat for the Solidarity Economy and Associative Life published the figures for associative life for the year in the Gers*: associative dynamism is highlighted with a rate of creation of associations in the Gers higher than the national average. This figure of 12.3 new associations per 10,000 inhabitants … Read more

The World Cup confirms that the cultural battle never happened

To talk of polarization in Argentina It is said that politics is resolved like a Boca-River, turning the local soccer classic into a metaphor for democracy. Today globalized football brings an example of the opposite, demolishing that warlike conception of the world underlying the idea of ​​”cultural battle”. The Argentine soccer team showed the substantial … Read more

“Immediatamente mito”: workshops for adolescents created by the LOFT cultural association

Second and final year of the project “Immediately myth”the series of workshops for teenagers created by the cultural association LOFT Free Organization Theater Formswith the contribution of Pizzarotti Foundation as part of the “Trovarsi 2020” tender, aimed at starting a common reflection on the concept of “myth” among the very young. The first phase of … Read more

La Semina: the closure of the bookshop leaves a cultural void. We were born here in 2005

Meschi spouses In recent days we have learned the news that the Meschi family, after forty years of highly appreciated management of The Tower Library, will leave the historic management. We members of the cultural association “The Seeding” of the Merate area we feel particularly impressed by this event and we express our heartfelt appreciation … Read more

[Opinion] Placing the departments at the heart of “cultural planning”

If culture is most often associated with the city, rural areas are not to be outdone: they too are experimenting and developing, most often quietly, ambitious cultural policies aimed at the greatest number. As close as possible to the territories and their inhabitants, the rural departments have thus gradually become pivotal players in culture. In … Read more