María José Blum, from singing to acting and now dancing, in ‘I’m the best’: “I still don’t know how long I’m going to stay” | People | Entertainment

Two weeks after entering I’m the best (TC Television)and with the experience of his first dance round, María José Blum feels that things have gone better than she expectedand awaits his next turn on stage, this Monday, January 30, with the tropical pop genre. It is a challenge for her, who has been doing choreography … Read more

Carolyn Smith dancer: how she was before Dancing with the stars VIDEO

Carolyn Smith is now sworn in Dancing with the Stars before she was an established dancer. There are videos that show her how she was before her popularity on TV Carolyn Smith, 61, is today the president of the jury of Dancing with the Stars, a historic Rai program that sees her protagonist since the … Read more

Dancing with the stars: what has Christian Millette been doing since his departure?

In an interview with Télé-Loisirs, Christian Millette revealed what he had been doing since leaving Dance with the Stars! This year, Dancing with the Stars has decided to lay off many dancers. For this new season, Christian Millette did not have the chance to be part of the adventure. He is all the same Christian … Read more

Dancing with the Stars, Mughini against Carolyn Smith: “I won’t open a dance school out of here”

Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023 Mughini challenges Carolyn Smith with the criterion for judging her performance: “She cannot judge me on the basis of a dancer idealtypus which I am not”. Turn on notifications to receive updates on Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023 Giampiero Mughini to Dancing with the Stars resists. The journalist, who since … Read more

“Dancing with the stars”: Amandine Petit eliminated, Billy Crawford again overthrows the jury

Every week something new. After having involved the relatives of the candidates a week ago, “Dancing with the stars” released this Saturday the “battle of the judges”. In this new configuration, each juror of the competition must defend on the floor two pairs out of the eight still in contention. Only the leading team is … Read more

Dancing with the stars: Théo Fernandez eliminated, the recap of episode 2

DANCING WITH THE STARS 2022. The second episode of season 12 of Dancing with the Stars was broadcast this Friday September 16 on TF1. It was Theo Fernandez who was eliminated, the recap of everything that happened. 00:23 – The recap of the second episode of DALS END OF LIVE. This Friday, September 16, was … Read more

Dancing with the stars: season at a discount, the salaries of the participants revealed!

Since February 12, 2011, we have been following the training sessions and discovering with pleasure the choreographies for each season of the program Danse avec les stars. This Friday, September 9, Dance with the stars returns to TF1 with a 12ᵉ season. Of the new jurorsof the new dancers, with, like every season, a celebrity … Read more

Iran: Video of girls dancing to hip hop again undermines conservative propaganda machine

Despite millions of euros spent each year by the Iranian authorities to promote a way of life in line with a conservative vision, videos regularly show young people defying the message hammered home in schools or the public media, provoking the ire of the most rigorous. One of the latest videos dates back to August … Read more