They demand information from the Executive about the destination of the resources for works of the Educational Fund

The Educational Financing Fund is once again at the center of the debate. After projecting the resources in the 2023 budget, sanctioned on December 29 by the Deliberative Council, the communal government calculated around 235 million pesos of the total for school infrastructure works. I received the news in your email Receive newsletter “Does anyone … Read more

The demand overwhelms Education and forces the creation of a barracks school in Orihuela Costa in September

The Ministry of Education ordered on December 14 the creation of the School Number 20 of Orihuela. It will be the third center of Infant and Primary of Orihuela Costa and will begin his journey in prefab classrooms in September of this year in two lines -two classrooms per course- with capacity for about 400 … Read more

They demand the continuity of tertiary careers at the La Salle school

The Argentine Union of Private Teachers (Sadop) collected signatures to support the continuity of tertiary level careers that are taught at Colegio La Salle, in Alem and Mendoza, by ensuring that these two educational proposals that are taught there “they are unique in the city“, with graduates required and sued in the workplace and with … Read more

They demand an urgent plan at the El Tarajal school in Malaga to finish a

The PSOE urges the City Council of Malaga to implement a comprehensive plan for rat extermination and disinsection in the El Tarajal schoolin the district of bluebells“in view of the proliferation of rat infestation that are jeopardizing the coexistence and health security of boys and girls, and the rest of the educative community“. This was … Read more

School canteens: professionals demand a 9% increase on contracts

Collective catering professionals are asking their customers – communities and schools – for an increase of “at least 9%” in their contracts, in a letter published Monday in the specialized community press. “And if this is not possible, we ask to be able to break the contracts”, is it added in this letter signed by … Read more

Demonstrations continue to demand retroactive payment from the federal government

Share on Facebook0 Share on Twitter Teachers of the state system carry out demonstrations in various schools in the state capital, to demand the retroactive payment of the salary increase of 3.2, and 1 percent, which the federal government promised in May of this year. The schools where the workers demonstrate are the Antonio Peñafiel … Read more

The City Council rebuilds the wall of the Benyamina school and the cistern of the San Miguel school after years of demand for these actions

Approx reading time: 1 minutes, 57 seconds Some works that are included among others that respond to the improvements requested by the schools themselves According to a technical report from the City Council, the exterior wall of CEIP Benyamina represented a risk for the community of the center itself and users of public roads Waterproofing … Read more

They took the National College again: they demand the departure of the rector

A group of students from College (CENBA) National from Buenos Aires I take this Monday the building. Among the reasons are the rejection of the re-election of the current rector, Valeria Bergman, and the demand for building improvements. The Government of CABA will teach classes to students who were not part of the taking of … Read more

Citizens denounce the chaotic management of the regional government in Colegio Rey Juan Carlos I de La Unión and demand to recover the super

Citizens denounce the chaotic management of the regional government in Colegio Rey Juan Carlos I de La Unión and demand to recover the super-reduced VAT (4%) for school supplies The liberal party puts this center as a clear example of the policy of deception practiced by the regional government since 2014 and sees it necessary … Read more