This is how the armed groups that dispute control of northern Antioquia operate

A massacre of 4 young people between the ages of 18 and 20 in the hands of the dissidents of the Farc front 36 was the most recent act of violence that occurred in the North of Antioquia. A subregion that in the first 31 days of the year adjusted 16 homicides8 of them in … Read more

The labor dispute in Ontario has challenged Quebec school support staff

The struggle of Ontario education workers against the Ford government has challenged the Fédération du personnel de soutien scolaire (FPSS-CSQ), the only Quebec union group representing exclusively school support personnel, as the latter begins its negotiations with Quebec. Ontario imposed contracts on staff using the notwithstanding provision, before to change their minds after the rise … Read more

Cell phones banned at school: 8 out of 10 teachers agreed. But the students dispute: so we will never be able to handle it

High school students Absolute ban on the use of mobile phones at school: what do parents, teachers, kids think about it? We find out in the last one poll of the School techniqueconducted in collaboration with the editorial staff of SchoolZooand to which they responded further 4 thousand subjects. 81.8% of teachers (and the 79.5% … Read more

The dispute over the paradise of Almaguer (Cauca)

In Almaguer, Cauca, more than 200 people have been forcibly displaced from their homes after clashes between dissidents from the Farc, Eln and the Public Force. Photo: Mayor’s Office of Almaguer Repeated gunshots on an empty street, then sounds of explosions crashing to the ground, and bursts of gunfire once more. Such are the traces … Read more

Directors of School No. 713 and ISET No. 815 dispute the possession of an FM Radio

The transmitter, the console and all the other elements that allowed the programming prepared by the students to air daily were removed from the establishment located in the Malvinas neighborhood and transferred by authorities from the Higher Institute to School No. 210, where said institute now operates. , after the refusal of the Directorate of … Read more