Hogwarts Legacy: the Harry Potter video game that divides the networks

Boycott or not Boycott. This is the big question of the moment that has invaded Twitter and the Reddit forum. It concerns the highly anticipated video game of this beginning of the year: Hogwarts Legacy, in French the legacy of Hogwarts. First open-world game from the Harry Potter universe. The open world is one of … Read more

The management of schools divides the French abroad

The amendment of the deputy of the French from Germany, Central Europe and the Balkans, creating a management committee for schools under the direct control of the AEFE within the agency, divides the community of French people from foreign. This was filed at the National Assembly and adopted at first reading before being challenged in … Read more

Arnaud Ducret in all its states on TF1: the show divides Internet users

The formula was nevertheless promising. This Tuesday August 16 on TF1, actor Arnaud Ducret gathered all his friends in Toulon for an evening of great fun. But on the Web, the show has divided Internet users. This Tuesday, August 16, Arnaud Ducret was the head of ceremony of an evening placed under the sign of … Read more