Boyacá Secretary of Education announces the guidelines of the School Meals Program for 2023

These are guidelines formulated in accordance with the parameters of the Special Administrative Unit for School Feeding -Food for Learning-. Tunja, February 2, 2023. (UACP). For the knowledge of the general public and the actors of the Food Program in Boyacá, the Secretary of Education of the department released Circular No. 4 addressed to rectors, … Read more

“Game plan” in education: the actors of the school network welcome the priorities but remain unsatisfied

The priorities of the new Minister of Education, Bernard Drainvilleaim right but remains to be seen how they will be implemented, affirm several actors of the school network who remain on their appetite. “These are good priorities, everything will be in the how. What solutions will we find? The danger, for the minister, will be … Read more

The Aflokkat campus: a new higher education offer for students in Corsica with the ECMA, EMMA and ESIA schools

Aflokkat, a major island player in training for more than 12 years, is opening 3 new schools in Ajaccio and Bastia. It is based on its proximity to the local economic fabric and its knowledge of business needs that Aflokkat initiated the creation of its campus. Under the Campus Aflokkat banner are grouped the 3 … Read more

Report on access to education: Gaps in learning, lack of infrastructure, dropout and absenteeism

Gaps in learning, lack of infrastructure, desertion and absenteeism: the problems detected in the 2022 Annual Report in access to education Download the INDH Annual Report 2022 here The document maintains -among several conclusions- that the effects of the pandemic on education are unknown. To date, says the INDH, there is a lack of impact … Read more

Digital education: living in a world that cannot be touched

The highest activity that a human being can achieve is learning to understand, because understanding is being free. Baruch Spinoza Surely most of us who were young in the 1980s would agree that the digital social space as we know it today was far beyond our imagination. Beyond science fiction books and movies, the use … Read more

Artistic and cultural education during school time: a project to raise awareness of local heritage in Aube

An artistic and cultural education project is being carried out over the 2022/2023 school year with several schools in Aube, around three historical monuments in the department. the châtelet of the castle of Dampierre; the St-Laurent church in Bouilly; the architectural and landscape heritage of Fouchères (Notre-Dame church, Vaux castle, wayside cross, wash house and … Read more

PNRR and School 4.0: FAQs from the Ministry of Education

Follow Tag24 also on social networks PNRR and School 4.0: with the publication of the note no. 4302 of 14 January 2023 the Ministry of Education and Merit (MIM) has provided answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) as regards the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and the Plan School 4.0. The aforementioned note from … Read more

Education for peace | Luisa Martinez Baxin

Now what we return to the classrooms with a different look at the educationteachers, academic coordinators and educational authorities are adapting and adapting new learning strategies with the aim of favoring the cognitive development of children and adolescents. However, it is essential to mention after passing a pandemic like COVID-19, we can’t keep teaching in … Read more

The Provincial Director of Physical Education toured venues in the city

Yesterday, the provincial director of Physical Education, Alfredo Giansily, visited the city, who was received by Gerardo Cardoni, Education delegate of Region III, the Pedagogical coordinator, the Physical Education supervisors and the director of CEF 53, at the Education Center headquarters Physics No. 53.Within the framework of Active Summer, a teaching proposal based on literacy … Read more

Education: for a better future for all

The education It is an indispensable pillar for life in society. Through its institutions and actors, there is a positive impact on the configuration of identity, the values ​​that serve coexistence in community are introjected and imparted and produced knowledge which largely supports the development of the country. The recognition to the importance of education … Read more