They demand information from the Executive about the destination of the resources for works of the Educational Fund

The Educational Financing Fund is once again at the center of the debate. After projecting the resources in the 2023 budget, sanctioned on December 29 by the Deliberative Council, the communal government calculated around 235 million pesos of the total for school infrastructure works. I received the news in your email Receive newsletter “Does anyone … Read more

Church observes educational curriculum content and asks to hear the claims

The president of the Education area of ​​the Bolivian Episcopal Conference (CEB), Monsignor Fernando Bascopé Müller, pointed out that the Catholic Church sees with “deep concern” the contents of the new curriculum that “does not prioritize educational quality” and that was defined unilaterally, in addition, it asked the Government to attend to the requests of … Read more

Educational Leadership Center for Network Improvement + Community was present at ICSEI 2023

Share Themes such as evaluation, feedback, equity, inclusion, quality and leadership, were the main axes that educational researchers presented at the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI), with the aim of providing tools to face the challenging circumstances of current education. The activity was organized by the Educational Leadership Center for Network Improvement … Read more

Motivation and study method, the innovative project IIS “Palma” to promote the educational success of students |

CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO – Teachers trained to stimulate students’ acquisition of an effective study method, learning to better organize school work and enhancing study motivation. These are the main objectives of the planning activity launched by the “Luigi Palma” higher education institute of Corigliano-Rossano which, divided into several phases, will continue until the end of the school … Read more

Colegio Mas Camarena becomes Official Educational Partner of the Valencia CF Academy

The academic training of the players is one of the firm commitments that the VCF Academy has been carrying out for several seasons hand in hand with the Mas Camarena Educational Complex, the best educational center in the Valencian Community and the sixth in the national ranking of the newspaper “El Mundo”. We educate people, … Read more

Educational quality, a priority for MINEDUC?

The Ministry of Education has lost the historic battle against the onslaught of COVID-19. Clearly he was wrong in strategy. It focused on the most trivial, according to its officials, the tactical thing was to deliver food to schools, then deliver study guides in the field of Distance Education coverage with the instructional modality, guides … Read more

Usach Seal: graduate participates in internationally awarded educational project

It is noon on a Thursday and a room, repurposed as a television set for the Emilia Lascar School in the Peñaflor commune, students begin to arrive. This time, they have the mission of recording audiovisual support for the Festival of the Voice of the establishment that will take place the next day. After entering, … Read more

The future of the school is in San Fermo with the new educational center and educational center of Varese

A revolution is about to transform the San Fermo district and the Mayor and councilors of Varese spoke about its times and contents at the IV November primary school open day to directly address the future of the neighborhood, its children and their families. «The children who enroll now in first grade will finish elementary … Read more

UNESCO warns of greater risk of educational inequality due to lack of regulation in the private sector

Unesco. Twenty percent of primary and secondary students in Latin America and the Caribbean are enrolled in private schools, since many of the region’s educational systems “fail to avoid segregation and inequality” in enrollment, which, added to a lack of effective regulation “undermines quality and widens the gap between rich and poor”. The Unesco World … Read more

10 educational guidance tips for kids and parents | Save the Children Italy

As the deadline for enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year, doubts and uncertainties are also growing for such an important decision to make. In this rite of passage, school orientation it is useful to accompany students in the choice of a school and a field of study in line with the different potentials, ambitions, talents … Read more