They demand information from the Executive about the destination of the resources for works of the Educational Fund

The Educational Financing Fund is once again at the center of the debate. After projecting the resources in the 2023 budget, sanctioned on December 29 by the Deliberative Council, the communal government calculated around 235 million pesos of the total for school infrastructure works. I received the news in your email Receive newsletter “Does anyone … Read more

Approved the executive project for the new laboratory at the Ipsia “Marconi” in Seravezza

From gym to hotel laboratory: the executive project has been approved by the Province the creation of a new laboratory at the Ipsia ‘Marconi’ in Seravezza in the premises that housed a gymnasium. The decree signed by the president Luca Menesini in these days provides for a series of interventions that will equip the school … Read more

Power cuts: between alerting and alarming, the delicate balance of the executive

“Fear scenarios, not for me!”launched the Head of State on Tuesday. “The role of public authorities, public establishments is not (…) to govern by fear.” Faced with the energy crisis, caused by the war in Ukraine and aggravated by problems with the maintenance of nuclear reactors, the executive is trying both to prepare people’s minds … Read more

Learn about blockchain with École Polytechnique Executive Education

The blockchain is of interest to more and more organizations which are integrating it into their strategies. With the exponential growth of digital assets, this new technology offers new development prospects. Discover how to understand its challenges thanks to the École Polytechnique Executive Education which provides the first certifying training, Blockchain Starter Program. Media coverage … Read more

Mess canteen again: extended time blocked. School meals remain weak point of the Stasi executive |

CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO – School canteen, here we go again. In Corigliano-Rossano the didactic activities stop (partially, limited to the morning only) because once again the school lunch service is experiencing problems and delays. In reality, the race would not have been completed yet, stopped at Single contracting station in the Province. The same one that last … Read more

“Let’s not leave it for 2030: education cannot wait”. By Ramón Almansa, executive director of Entreculturas

As the world bid farewell to Elizabeth II with superlative media coverage, government representatives and education experts from more than 50 countries were gathered in New York for the World Summit on Transforming Education. This has been a really important summit, because we are risking the future of the young generations, the basic question that … Read more

Gathered in a government seminar, the executive makes its comeback under the sign of ecology

The entire government is meeting this Wednesday around Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée Palace for a day-long government seminar. He must set the priorities of the government, specify his bills, and above all make members of the executive aware of the climate emergency. A crucial meeting for the power that the opposition and certain observers … Read more

End of the holidays at Fort Brégançon: the executive is preparing for a hectic return

The president and the government will be back no later than Wednesday for the Council of Ministers after a summer break disrupted by unprecedented fires in France and deadly thunderstorms in Corsica. In the face of adversity, the gift is given: “The red thread of the start of the school year will be general mobilization”, … Read more

Staff of the Executive 2023, “let’s give him 30% of the resources” of the institute fund and advance salary increases. The Ancodis proposal

As you advance in your career, experience is gained and professional skills multiply. In this multiplication of occasions many teachers, over time, with enormous sacrifices, absolutely unpaid for the constancy of the commitment and for the time actually dedicated, have assumed various roles functional to the best effectiveness of management in the school context. Management … Read more