Ivory Coast: opening of the first International Exhibition of Ethical Coaches and Associated Professions (SICEMA) in Abidjan

The first International Exhibition of Ethical Coaches and Associated Professions (SICEMA) opened in Abidjan this Thursday, February 02, 2023 around the theme: Ethical Coaching, a factor of development. On the initiative of the firm Coaching Ethique and the International Network of Ethical Coaches (RICE), this exhibition which will bring together for three days (from February … Read more

Finissage events exhibition “The massacre of flowers”

BRINDISI – As part of the exhibition La massacre dei Fiori, promoted by the Poli BiblioMuseali Regionali and set up by the Ribezzo Museum of Brindisi – Piazza Duomo 7 in the exhibition hall, two unmissable finissage events are planned for Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 January. Tuesday 17 January, … Read more

Exhibition WE ARE WATER: everything you want to know and never would have imagined about water | RETEME

The Channel Foundation organizes the exhibition “WE ARE WATER”, which can be seen until June 30, 2023 in the buried water tank located under the Parque Cuarto Depósito in Plaza de Castilla. It is an exhibition designed for all audiences, which reflects the global interest in water, its conservation, its scarcity or its excess, increasingly … Read more

Presented Orientando 2022 the virtual exhibition for school orientation towards high schools

The Province of Livorno once again this year is addressing the eighth grade students of the area, and their families, for the traditional appointment with the fair for orientation in the choice of high school. The novelties of the 2022 edition were presented to the press by the president of the Province Sandra Scarpellini, together … Read more

ITAI: the agrotechnical college in constant evolution that celebrated its 50th Annual Exhibition in Monte Buey

The institute was born in ’63 and since 1972 it has held a convening annual fair. Its educational axes focus mainly on caring for the environment, added value and bioeconomy. The Industrial Technical Agrarian Institute of Monte Buey (ITAI)celebrated a few days ago the golden anniversary of its traditional Agricultural, Livestock, Industrial and Commercial Exhibition, … Read more

An exhibition and a conference on Falcone and Borsellino in the prison police school in Rome

An exhibition and a conference on Falcone and Borsellino in the prison police school in Rome The investigations and trials against the mafia, the civic commitment awakened in national public opinion; but also private images of childhood and life on the streets of Palermo: born in the same neighborhood a few months later and killed … Read more

“Earthquakes of Italy” the exhibition closes its doors leaving Reggio with record results

Over 7,000 visitors, including about 4,000 students, in just over a month: record numbers for the “Earthquakes in Italy” exhibition, set up on the Lungomare di Reggio Calabria by the National Department of Civil Protection, in collaboration with the Region. A success of attendance right from the early stages, so much so as to push … Read more

The official Van Gogh exhibition, based on the letters between Vincent and Theo, arrives in Buenos Aires in February

“Immerse yourself in the world of Vincent to learn more about his art, emotions, ambitions and challenges.” The one who invites through a video, in Spanish, is nothing less than the Theo’s great-grandsonbrother of Vincent van Gogh. Willem Van Gogh is also an ambassador of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and curator of Meet … Read more

Isola delle Femmine, Nativity scene exhibition at the Joe Di Maggio House Museum

This morning, in the Conference Room of the “Vito Carvini” Municipal Library in Erice, the press conference for the presentation of “EricèNatale – Il borgo dei presepi” was held. Speakers: Daniela Toscano, Mayor of the Municipality of Erice, Nicola Adragna, President of the Erice Arte Foundation, Rossella Cosentino, Councilor for Tourism and Events of the … Read more

60 associations, 8 schools, 600 students. Thousands of visitors to the exhibition “Imagine Volunteering”

8 schools, 24 classes, 600 students: these are the numbers of the first two days of “Oltre”, the XIV Volunteer Meeting which took place on 1 and 2 December in the halls of the Istituto Salesiani Redentore, in the heart of the Libertà district . Students, teachers and volunteers were divided among the many workshops … Read more