The Pope: Africa is not a mine to be exploited or a land to be plundered

“Don’t touch the Democratic Republic of the Congo, don’t touch Africa” is the urgent appeal made by Francis in his first speech in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Pope asked to stop suffocating the continent, and appealed for Africa, “smile and hope of the world” to have more weight and representation among nations. … Read more

The Dia report: Covid exploited by the Camorra for consent, the assault on PNRR funds

The clans have exploited Covid to create consensus and aim for PNRR funds: the Antimafia report of the second half of 2021 has been published. The clans managed to transform the Covid pandemic on occasion, taking advantage of the associated restrictions and inconveniences as a valid opportunity to strengthen its presence in the area and … Read more

Smart Cities: in Italy great potential that is not exploited

Although in our country there are the right skills and companies to manage smart cities, the international comparison remains merciless. Milan 82nd, Rome 112th, the rest of Italy not received. And over the years, instead of gaining positions, we lose. This is the world ranking of smart cities, the “smart cities” which, thanks to technology, … Read more