Renán Barrera inaugurates the facilities of the Smartium International School

Mérida, Yucatán, January 31, 2023.- Mayor Renán Barrera Concha stressed that Mérida assumes its responsibility with Yucatán as an educational benchmark in the southeast, through the training of professional, innovative and high-level human resources. When inaugurating the Smartium International School building, where he was accompanied by Mauricio Castillo Espinoza, general director of the educational institution, … Read more

SCJ School is committed to renewable energy in 100% of its facilities

Guatemala. The Sacred Heart of Jesus School announced the Photovoltaic Solar Modules project, with which they seek to operate 100% with solar energy. This important investment is part of its mission to contribute to the environment and be self-sufficient in the energy aspect. The Sacred Heart of Jesus School was born in Guatemala with the … Read more

Vast university network of soil laboratories integrates 42 facilities

Vast university network of soil laboratories integrates 42 facilities • This initiative brings together the analytical capacity of the UNAM to investigate the condition of this natural resource, from different disciplines, said Blanca Lucía Prado Pano • They are located in Ciudad Universitaria and in different academic entities of the UNAM in the country, said … Read more

Pnrr, risk of delays also for the program to upgrade gyms and school sports facilities

After the delays on kindergartens, the Ministry of Education runs the risk of exceeding the deadlines set also for another chapter of the Pnrr, the one relating to the “Upgrading of infrastructure for school sports. The program, which includes the construction and safety of gymnasiums in school buildingshas already accumulated six months late due to … Read more

The Valencia City Council refuses to fine the German School for the facilities without permission

VALENCIA. The Valencia City Council denies a disciplinary file against German school for actions carried out without the appropriate municipal license. So it will not address this, among other recommendations made from the Valencian Antifraud Agency when considering the consistory that there was no urban infringement, despite Neighborhood complaints about the expansion of the educational … Read more

Campidoglio, ok Assembly on contributions and rules for sports facilities

Session dedicated to the Capitoline sports facilities, the one held by the Capitoline Assembly in the examination of two resolutions, approved unanimously, with which 300 thousand euros of non-repayable contributions are disbursed to the managers of the departmental and municipal sports facilities owned by Rome Capital. During the session, articles 4, 6, 11 and 18 … Read more

CSS Harricana wants to add sports facilities to Amos secondary school

An expansion project was proposed to the Ministry of Education at the end of October in the hope that it be included in the Quebec Infrastructure Plan (PQI). The current gymnasiums and courtyards of the La Calypso pavilion. Photo: Radio-Canada / Martin Guindon The CSS Harricana wants to take advantage of the fact that he … Read more

Facilities of the San José school are used as a restaurant garage in Chiclayo

Great controversy has been generated by the images that show how part of the facilities of the national school San José de Chiclayoin the region Lambayequeare used as garage for customers who attend a well-known restaurant located in front of the educational campus. Neighbors in the area sent The Republic videos and photos that show … Read more

Kaneland School Board continues to weigh options for facilities master plan for April referendum

The Kaneland District 302 School Board discussed two potential options for its facilities master plan — one of which could cost nearly $70 million — at its Oct. 12 board meeting. The board discussed the options for nearly three hours before its final decision, which it will make at the Oct. 24 meeting. “That’s what … Read more

Palermo, CIT, sports facilities and school gyms: the projects of the commissioner Figuccia CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE Tourism, sports and sports facilities, youth policies. Three related proxies, second the councilor of the Municipality of Palermo Sabrina Figucciafrom a single thread, that of the synergy between public and private. There is a lot of work to do on tourism. What’s boiling in the pot? Meanwhile, there are two projects. … Read more