Schools that help their students transition their gender, without telling their families

Jessica Bradshaw told the New York Times that she found an assignment from her son 15 years old, with a name I didn’t know at the top. Thus, with a scribble, it was that she discovered that her son identified himself as transgender in its schoolin the south of California, USAwhere they had let him … Read more

In Nice, a house dedicated to the “first 1000 days” opens its doors for families

Through Lucas Helin Posted There are 3 minutes, Update just now Charles-Ange Ginésy, president of the department and the local deputy Éric Ciotti around Boris Cyrulnik, for the inauguration of the house of the “1000 first days”, in Nice. DR Young parents will be able to come and find advice and support in this “village” … Read more

Fed up with the deterioration of institutes and schools puts families on a war footing

The bulk of the schools in the capital of León were built in the 1980s, at a time when the birth rate was showing good data in the province of León. Now, four decades later, these large buildings that were built mainly in the neighborhoods of the capital of Leon, drag the years through chips, … Read more

Aversa, the “Cirillo” high school opens its doors to families with an “Open Day”

Aversa (Caserta) – For the Open Day in view of enrollments for the next school year, the teaching staff and ATA of the “Domenico Cirillo” Classical and Musical High School of Aversa have scheduled a double appointment this year (respectively on 17 December and on January 14). – continues below – As is now customary … Read more

Over 400 families taken care of, support for more than 600 students: all the numbers of the “InRete” project

The “InRete” project is two years old, a project selected by “Con i Bambini” as part of the Fund for the fight against child educational poverty and promoted by the Forlì-Cesena Social Solidarity Consortium, which is its leader, together with the social cooperatives L ‘Hospitality, Domus Coop, Paolo Babini, DiaLogos, Salvagente and with the partnership … Read more

Agape, “Wounded families and children’s education”

The theme of wounded families represents a real emergency and is closely linked to the crisis of marriage and the family, one of the greatest problems of our society which has also affected our local community. Wounded families as a result of separations, divorces, couple crises and conflicts with even serious hardships that fall on … Read more

52% of families cannot access nursery school for financial reasons

The Report of the NGO Educo ‘Not everything is worth’ talks about the vital importance of ensuring quality education and care for all children in their early childhood. It is in the first 1,000 days of life when the bases for development and learning throughout life are acquired, but it is also when the great … Read more

94 families without a canteen or daycare center in Châtillon

From next Monday, no more daycare, no more canteen: the 94 families of the schools of Châtillon-Saint-Jean (Drôme) find themselves without a solution for extracurricular time. This follows the filing for bankruptcy of the Kaliwali association on December 22. She was the one who managed the canteen and the nursery, but she had 30,000 euros … Read more

Floods and droughts force millions of children out of school to support their families

40 million children deprived of education each year because of the climate crisis: behind this statistic recalled by Yasmine Sherif, Director of the United Nations Global Fund for Education in Emergencies in a communicatedthere are actually broken destinies. Too much water, or not enough: in both cases, it is the children who end up drowning… … Read more

Trezzano S/N. Services and projects for students and families

The City Council has approved the Plan for the right to study, an instrumentessential of the Municipal Administration for the support to the school action. Many projects proposed together with local associations and various municipal sectors: among the novelties also the “school for parents” ( Trezzano sul Naviglio, 23 December 2022 – Guaranteeing the right … Read more