Hogwarts Legacy: the Harry Potter video game that divides the networks

Boycott or not Boycott. This is the big question of the moment that has invaded Twitter and the Reddit forum. It concerns the highly anticipated video game of this beginning of the year: Hogwarts Legacy, in French the legacy of Hogwarts. First open-world game from the Harry Potter universe. The open world is one of … Read more

“Game plan” in education: the actors of the school network welcome the priorities but remain unsatisfied

The priorities of the new Minister of Education, Bernard Drainvilleaim right but remains to be seen how they will be implemented, affirm several actors of the school network who remain on their appetite. “These are good priorities, everything will be in the how. What solutions will we find? The danger, for the minister, will be … Read more

Asl Na3, a game of the goose against obesity: it arrives in 600 classes

A game of the goose on the Mediterranean diet distributed in 600 third to fourth grade classes by the ASL Na3. The covid emergency and, consequently, social isolation have led to a deterioration in terms of healthy correct lifestyles, especially in the school age group. For the 2022/23 school year, the Food Hygiene and Nutrition … Read more

The game of the Century: UCLA contro University of Houston | Around the Game

Come è nato il match che cambiò per sempre la storia del college basketball Copertina di A. Velardi per ATG L’ultima finale delle final four NCAA, il 4 aprile scorso, è stata tra le più emozionanti degli ultimi anni con i Kansas Jayhawks (numero 1 del ranking) vincenti e protagonisti della più grande rimonta della … Read more

Didactic primers to spread the Celtiberian past with a game about Numancia

On Friday, December 16, 2022 (12 noon), at the Zaragoza Museumwill be presented Celtiberians. didactic primers and its complementary activity guide. They are designed to teach schoolchildren the hallmarks of this people who lived in the Iberian mountain range in the pre-Roman era. As demonstrated by the extraordinary helmets of Aratis (Aranda del Moncayo, on … Read more


“THE HAZARD BUILDING: THE OLYMPICS OF PREVENTION” V EDITION. THE HIGH SECURITY VIDEO GAME AT THE LAUNCH Registration is open on the website www.scacciarischi.it until 6 March 2023. The fifth edition of “Gli ScacciaRischi: le olympiadi della prevention” was presented today in Bari in the Region, the initiative in collaboration between the Inail Puglia Regional … Read more

Don’t miss Mexico vs Saudi Arabia! Here are the best Telegram channels to watch the game

East Wednesday November 30, again we will see our Mexican team on the playing field of the World Cup 2022. Starting at 1:00 p.m. our country will face Saudi Arabia in the Lusail Stadium. The abstract of the two previous games leaves us a bad mouth taste, since in the confrontation against Poland we were … Read more

Board game will help address death in school contexts

A board that includes investigative clues, cards with evidence, witnesses, and where the players are detectives hired to solve the death of a person is the basis of the “Morituri” board game. The participants must take out their cards to configure a story that will serve, at the end of the game, for students and … Read more

The ONCE Social Group launches the first accessible educational video game

ONCITY can be played on any device with a browser, with any type of control (remote game padmouse, keyboard, touch screen…) and screen reader connectivity for blind people. This is the main teaching support material for all groups enrolled in the 39th ONCE Social Group School Contestwhich in this edition invites students and teachers from … Read more

Côte d’Azur: Isart Digital, the video game brick that strengthens the creative industries sector

It is one more brick that completes the existing one and its installation within the Eco-Vallée in Nice is the signal that confirms that the desire to make the creative industries a lever of competitiveness, a lever that was, was a time, quite complete but which has lost its structure, its “hunting in packs”… leaving … Read more