Schools that help their students transition their gender, without telling their families

Jessica Bradshaw told the New York Times that she found an assignment from her son 15 years old, with a name I didn’t know at the top. Thus, with a scribble, it was that she discovered that her son identified himself as transgender in its schoolin the south of California, USAwhere they had let him … Read more

Gender equality in the country’s classrooms: From Medellín to Colombia

Medellín makes available to the country’s schools an instruction manual to teach gender equality in the classroom. It is a free pedagogical tool for teachers to integrate gender equality and non-sexist education in their classes. -Advertisement- By: 360 Radio Writing This resource contains academic material that will be constantly updated to support the work of … Read more

Gender medicine, successful multi

Maria Beatrice Crisci -“Gender medicine. Precision medicine”. This was discussed yesterday afternoon in the council chamber of the Municipality of Caserta on the initiative of the Equal Opportunities Commission. The event sponsored byOrder of Doctors of Caserta and ofAIDM association, Association of Women Doctors section of Caserta, saw a strong participation. The President of the … Read more

Teste Calde, the school of politics for change. The watchword is equality, gender and generational

A policy that uses the yardstick of correctness gender dynamics as a vehicle for virtuous behaviors for the benefit of all citizens and which sees in women, not the weak and minority part of society, but a value added in terms of wealth and progress. This is, in essence, the goal of the political school … Read more

Film about gender girl in an Italian middle school. Here’s what’s happening

***UPDATE*** – This morning news was given (source: The Tyrrhenian Sea) that the screening of the film was canceled precisely because it was “not suitable for children under 13” (but even this threshold is too low for us) and the same film replaced with another film. Next January 12, at 2.30 pm, it will be … Read more

The importance of raising and educating girls and boys with a gender perspective

Today’s girls, boys and adolescents grow up in a different context compared to previous years: although machismo and the patriarchal model are still in force, they are also questioned and reviewed; there is a renewed feminist awareness and many regulations, such as the Micaela Law, seek to shed light on the historical inequalities of women … Read more

What are the main gaps in the region in terms of water and gender?

In the publication, ‘Gaps, challenges and opportunities regarding water and gender in Latin America and the Caribbean’, prepared by Silvia Saravia Matus, Economic Affairs Officer, and Marina Gil Sevilla, Senior Assistant for Economic Affairs, of the Unit for Water and Energy of the Natural Resources Division of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the … Read more

Inequality, machismo, patriarchal culture and even femicide: Mariana Gabarrot presents “The ABC of Gender”

One of the most present concerns in social and intellectual conversations of recent times is gender perspectivea controversial issue in the midst of a turbulent time where the line between to be a woman Y being a man, paths that have separated, hurt and with open wounds that still cannot find peace. This is something … Read more

MUxED celebrates three years of working for education with a gender focus

Three years after the creation of MUxED, the Network continues to consolidate thanks to the intellectual capital of its members and the effort and commitment of those who make up all the working groups. Here is an account of the results of the work of MUxED, as well as the perspectives of its members. By … Read more

DOES AMBITION HAVE A GENDER? Survey of high school students on self

Has the high school reform had an impact on the gender inequalities traditionally observed in the choice of orientation and professional streams? Do we find in the “Metoo” generation currently in high school gender differences in terms of professional ambition and confidence in their ability to occupy management positions? While the choice of specialties is … Read more