Boyacá Secretary of Education announces the guidelines of the School Meals Program for 2023

These are guidelines formulated in accordance with the parameters of the Special Administrative Unit for School Feeding -Food for Learning-. Tunja, February 2, 2023. (UACP). For the knowledge of the general public and the actors of the Food Program in Boyacá, the Secretary of Education of the department released Circular No. 4 addressed to rectors, … Read more

The curricular guidelines of the Kolla People were presented in Salta | For the initial and primary levels

Last Thursday the presentation ceremony of the curricular guidelines of the Kolla People to apply at the initial and primary levels in Salta. It is an educational policy developed, designed and implemented from the territories and with the Kolla communities that inhabit the territory that today makes up the province of Salta. In this sense, … Read more

Can school staff administer drugs? Here are the guidelines

Although it can rarely happen that in schools a pupil, suffering from any disease, requires the administration of life-saving drugs. One of our readers asks us how and when a teacher can take care of administering drugs to students. Here’s what the guidelines say. Guidelines In 2005, the then Minister of Health in concert with … Read more

Covid, Vaia: no more masks and lockdowns, yes to mechanical ventilation. However, the guidelines for schools were rejected by the Regions

“No fear, no alarm, stop catastrophes. We have great hybrid immunity in the country which has always shown maturity. What do we have in front of us? Rationality tells us optimism but optimism of the will which means that the ‘country system’ must act synchronously ”: Spallanzani director Francesco Vaia wrote this on Facebook. “Politics, … Read more

Religious outfits at school: “Schools are waiting for unambiguous guidelines!”

Marianne: You mention a recent increase in the wearing of abayas among young girls and, to a lesser extent, kamis (long dress) among boys. How do you quantify it? Frank Antraccoli: After bringing together the academic secretaries of our union in mid-September, we realized that the subject of wearing the abaya had been coming out … Read more

Andalusia exhibits in the United States the European project to develop clinical practice guidelines for rare diseases

SEVILLE, 13 (EUROPE PRESS) The postdoctoral researcher Carmen Martín has presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association (APA), held in Minneapolis (United States), the advances in the European project coordinated by Andalusia for the development of clinical practice guidelines in rare diseases, through the Health Technology Assessment Area of ​​the Progress and … Read more

published the Guidelines for the 195 innovative schools of the NRP

The expected guidelines for the design of the 195 innovative schools that will be created with the use of resources from the NRP were finally presented. A pool of renowned architects, in synergy with those who deal with pedagogy and economics on a daily basis, have drawn up the “decalogue” that will guide the design … Read more

Return to childhood class, FFP2 only for the frail, in presence only if negative without fever or symptoms. ISS GUIDELINES [PDF]

After those for primary and secondary school, the Higher Institute of Health has developed strategic indications for the mitigation of infections from Covid in the context of educational services for children managed by local authorities, other public bodies and by private individuals, and by public and private-run state and private preschools. The document it follows … Read more

Safety measures at school: guidelines for the new school year published

On August 5, 2022 they were published indications relating to safety and prevention measures for Covid-19 contagion in first and second cycle schools, in equal and non-equal schools, in regional education and vocational training systems (IeFP) as well as in provincial education centers of adults, while a similar document is being published for kindergartens. The … Read more