Miscellaneous – Suspecting a sexual assault on his son at school, he tries to take justice into his own hands

Since Tuesday January 24, 2023, a father whose son is educated in the middle section at the Saint-Denis-lès-Sens nursery school, has been protesting against the reinstatement of a versatile municipal agent whom he suspects of sexual assault. on her child. Panel in hand, he directly challenges the police, the town hall and the justice system, … Read more

The future of the environment in the hands of the school, the project of the IIS Raffaello of Urbino

4′ of reading 01/17/2023 – Active citizenship on environmental and social critical issues is promoted in Urbino. In an area almost miraculously affected by speculative and/or industrial building interventions, the Raffaello Institute of Higher Education of Urbino, a historic educational institution in Montefeltro, wanted to give great importance to “Educations” on the subject of active … Read more

Stylist Pascal Jaouen hands over to Yann Lagoutte at the Quimper Art Embroidery School

It is therefore Yann Lagoutte, professor since 2004 at the School of Art Embroidery in Quimper (Finistère) who will take over the reins of this institution renowned throughout the world. The aura of stylist Pascal Jaouen, its founder in 1994, has no borders. It is for example he who had been called for the lace … Read more

Versailles. With the Edible School, the children have their hands dirty, their mouths full and that’s good!

By Florie Cedolin Published on 6 Nov 22 at 9:12 78news See my news Follow this media The Edible School has been working in certain schools in Versailles (Yvelines) since 2020. (©DR) A small seed can give a nice carrot, a well seasoned raw broccoli is not so bad after all… This is what some … Read more

You shoot the teacher and the class laughs. The case of Itis Viola becomes national, it is in the hands of the minister

ROVIGO – The case of shoot in the classroom against a teacher of the Itis Violataken from the merciless eye of a cell phone and turned on Whatsapp, arrives in Parliament. The Paduan deputy of the Democratic Party Alessandro Zan, spokesman for the LGBT community and its rights, presented a written question to the new … Read more

Why do teenagers often hold their books in their hands in US films and series?

In movies and series, it’s cute when two people jostle in the hallways, drop their books and help each other pick them up. But why wasn’t all this mess in a backpack? Thank you the locker, but it may also be because of the killings in schools. Have you ever wondered why teenagers in American … Read more

Mayor of Hecelchakán washes his hands of vandalism by normalistas; It’s a Seduc theme, he says

This Wednesday, after seven continuous days of theft and vandalism generated by students of the “Justo Sierra Méndez” Rural Normal School of Hecelchakán, the Governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores San Roman He assured that the demonstrations “are directed by foreign people who affect the image and the academic future of the normal students”, thus confirming … Read more

Squillace, “The world in your hands”: short film of the students of the Comprehensive Institute

A shared feeling of hope, after the many limitations dictated by the health emergency, has characterized the activities related to the extracurricular planning of the Comprehensive Institute of Squillace. Strongly promoted by the head teacher, Alessandro Carè, the Pon projects, which have now come to an end, have been an opportunity for learning, socialization and … Read more