Star Academy: Yanis Marshall was the victim of school harassment!

Yanis Marshall, star figure of Star Academy, confided on the set of BFM TV about school bullying. While he is used to breathing the joy of living in the Star Academy, Yanis Marshall has decided to bring up a much heavier subject. In effect, the latter returned to the school bullying of which he was … Read more

School harassment. “Carrot hair”, “you stink”… These redheads who suffered because of their hair color

Théo was bullied at school because he is redheaded. Insults, beatings, isolation marked his years in college. Now a student in Rennes, he asserts his singularity. Just like the photographer Pascal Sacleux, who took a series of shots on the redheads and redheads of Brittany. It’s not easy to fight prejudice and discrimination, even in … Read more

Bullying or School Harassment, a smile blur.

Today May 2 marks the International Day Against Bullying or School Harassment, more and more families are aware of the problems that are affecting children and adolescents today, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) estimates that 246 million children and adolescents could be victims of violence in and around their schools; Likewise, … Read more

INTERVIEW. Harassment and suffering at school, how to help your child?

Once a month, Canopy organizes a webinar “L’Instant parent”, meetings and exchanges between education professionals and parents. Tuesday, November 29, Emmanuelle Piquet, psychotherapist specialist in children and teenagers intervened on “Suffering in the schoolyard: better arming my child against harassment“. Ttherapist who works on the continent, at the Center for consultations and training in brief … Read more

Loire Atlantique. School harassment: these mothers create an association to help other families in pain

By Coralie Ganivet Published on 5 Dec 22 at 18:07 The Weekly of Sèvre et Maine See my news Follow this media Delphine Brenot and her daughter Apolline, alongside Audrey Guillet and her son Alessio, want to fight together to fight against school bullying with this association “Ajah”. ©HSM It’s more than a friendship that … Read more

In Piedmont, 44% of harassment on social media concerns women

The digital dimension of gender-based violence concerns a vast range of acts committed online or through technological tools that are part of the drama of violence that women and girls suffer even within the walls of the home. A phenomenon so vast that there is no definition that covers its different nuances. On the one … Read more

“When you get insulted, beaten up, you carry the weight of shame”: Christophe Willem recounts his school harassment

Christophe Willem recounts the school harassment he suffered in “A Sunday in the Countryside”. Screenshot The singer revealed in 2006 in “La Nouvelle Star” was the guest of Frédéric Lopez on France 2. He returned to his painful adolescence in “A Sunday in the countryside”. Another moment full of emotions in the program “A Sunday … Read more

They protest at the Chilpancingo High School for sexual harassment of an employee against the reporter María Avilés

By Alina Navarrete Fernandez women journalists of Warrior protested at the General Directorate of the Colegio de Bachilleres (Cobach) in chilpancingo against the sexual harassmentafter the reporter María Avilés Rodríguez she was harassed by an administrative worker. On Wednesday, María Avilés was covering a protest in the vicinity of the La Avispa Museum when she … Read more

“Harassment can kill”: in Royan, the Cordouan high school is mobilizing against this “scourge”

Jean-Louis Mangion lets the untimely music pass. He will repeat these words, the same afternoon in front of the rector of the Academy of Poitiers. In front of other audiences, in front of each Second class, as he does every back to school. For ten years, the principal education adviser of the Cordouan high school … Read more