The Minister of Health highlighted an increase in vaccination with the bivalent dose for those over 50 years of age

The health authority stated that “last week we were at 1.5 million (vaccinated), now we are at 1,750,000, we are advancing despite the challenges of adding an extra vaccination group.” Friday January 27, 2023 1:42 p.m. The Minister of Health, Ximena Aguilera, highlighted the increase in people inoculated in the last weeks, within the framework … Read more

“If there is education, it has to be this, the Disruptive one, thanks to this the future that the children will have is promising,” highlighted Mariano Wechsler during his visit to Posadas

Daily life as such has been in the midst of transformations for a long time. These events, in turn, reached business models, where a different outlook is needed, with new ideas to acquire another style and thus adapt to new demands. Therefore, training around digital axes is necessary and fundamental, where there is another perspective … Read more

Culture, health and inclusion, other priorities highlighted by management

In the framework of the second management report, the mayor Martín Gill, in addition to expanding on issues related to housing and security (see herealso stopped at others that he considers fundamental. At this level, he addressed the axis in education and culture and, first, highlighted the work carried out in the many Family Promotion … Read more

The fauna and flora of the forests of the National Park beautifully highlighted

6:30 p.m. – October 05, 2022 Photographers and volunteers with Nathalie Pierre on the balcony of Villa 1892, which is celebrating its 130th anniversary. – © our correspondent Véronique BEAU By professional and amateur photographers during their stay at the Villas du Parc in Burgundy in Vanvey. Nathalie Pierre, owner of the Villas du Parc … Read more

Colombetti highlighted the role of the Social Economy Entities

SUNCHALES (From our Agency). – This city, on the date, celebrates with great enthusiasm a new day evoking Cooperativism and its meaning in the life of the city and the region, especially taking into account that Sunchales is the National Capital of Cooperativism. On this date the twenty-eighth National Day of Cooperatives and the hundredth … Read more