Behind Margot Robbie’s character in ‘Babylon’ there is a horrible story: the actress who lived on the street and was subjected to ‘electroshock’

Damien Chazelle directs this epic film about the end of silent movies in Hollywood and its chaotic world. Margot Robbie came to Babylon after Emma Stone had to leave the project. The role of her was very directed to tell the story of Clara Bowbut when Robbie embarked on the leading role, she ended up … Read more

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 (TF1): this “horrible” scene to shoot for Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

For ten years, young and old have been able to discover almost every year a new section of Harry Potter At the movie theater. In 2011, the saga, which will soon no longer be available for streaming, ends with Deathly Hallows Part 2, becoming one of the most successful and profitable franchises in cinema history. … Read more

Wendy Sulca confessed to having been a victim of bullying at school: “It made me feel horrible”

Peruvian artist Wendy Sulca confessed that during her childhood she was a victim of bullying at the school where she studied. During her testimony, the singer stated that she received racist insults from a classmate, but she decided not to remain silent in the face of bullying. “Yes, unfortunately when I was in fourth grade … Read more