Report on access to education: Gaps in learning, lack of infrastructure, dropout and absenteeism

Gaps in learning, lack of infrastructure, desertion and absenteeism: the problems detected in the 2022 Annual Report in access to education Download the INDH Annual Report 2022 here The document maintains -among several conclusions- that the effects of the pandemic on education are unknown. To date, says the INDH, there is a lack of impact … Read more

Seine et Marne. Le Phare guides children with learning difficulties in Moncourt

Through Yoann Vallier Published on 13 Jan 23 at 9:34 The Republic of Seine et Marne See my news Follow this media Laughter, kindness and a lot of progress: we do much more than learn at the Lighthouse ©RSM77/YV A castle tower just for her and 7 fully equipped classrooms on several levels: The Lighthouse … Read more

Pascale Garnier: “A refocusing of the refocusing of the refocusing… of learning in kindergarten”

Without ignoring other areas of learning, the ” kindergarten action plan “, detailed in the Memorandum of January 10, 2023, clearly announces ” two priorities: language and the first notions of mathematics “. Since the 1980s, it has always been a question of “refocusing” learning in nursery school on mastering the language and, more recently, … Read more

Ballots: is it evaluated with the mathematical average of the grades or based on the progress achieved at the “end” of the learning path?

A teacher asks us whether it is more correct in the final process of evaluation and annexed attribution of the mark, to consider all the verifications, questions therefore also the insufficient ones or if it is possible in some specific cases to remove the negative mark from the average. A question with a simple answer … Read more

Summer Schools began and “at School 75 we focus on recreation and learning”, stressed the director Mercedes Gasañol

Contrary to all the beginnings of the school year —which occur on a Monday— this Tuesday, January 10, the Summer Schools 2023 program began in the city of Durazno, in Sarandí del Yí and throughout the country. In the general context, more than 10,000 children during 30 days —between January and February— will attend the … Read more

Learning together under the trees

Learn to feed Global warming is disrupting production cycles, yields, living areas of plants. Olive oil will soon be commonly produced in the northernmost parts of Europe like this oil already pressed in Brittany. Chemical agriculture based on the inputs that agro-industrialists abuse in monotonous monocultures, ends up exhausting the natural power of the soil … Read more

Learning by “skills”, how does PCTO affect?

Learning in the Italian school consists of the integration between disciplines and skills, which find in the PCTO the training space in which the possible contradiction becomes combination and integration. In the ongoing technological change, the possibility of economic development and social mobility is in fact given by skills. But competence without discipline would be … Read more

DSA: what are specific learning disabilities

Insiders call them specific learning disabilitiesbut are better known by the acronym DSA extension; a recurring acronym in the school world, which describes some problems frequently encountered in children and in lads. But how can you teachers identify and classify these difficulty in your pupils and, above all, understand when is the time to get … Read more

Learn how to strengthen your child’s learning skills during vacation

The school holidays arrived and with them free time. Here we tell you what activities your children could develop to enjoy in a healthy way and educate themselves in the process. According to the speech therapist Angélica Mateus, a Master’s in Neurosciences from the National University, as parents, the first thing to establish is which … Read more