Hogwarts Legacy: the Harry Potter video game that divides the networks

Boycott or not Boycott. This is the big question of the moment that has invaded Twitter and the Reddit forum. It concerns the highly anticipated video game of this beginning of the year: Hogwarts Legacy, in French the legacy of Hogwarts. First open-world game from the Harry Potter universe. The open world is one of … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy: 5 new characters revealed thanks to the announcement of the voice actors!

The information around Hogwarts Legacy The Legacy of Hogwarts does not stop fuse and it is quite normal: it is in less than a month that the highly anticipated title of 2023 will be released! This time, the Community Manager treats us with the announcement of the actors who will dub certain characters of the … Read more

Aspettando Hogwarts Legacy: i 5 migliori giochi di Harry Potter

La magia di Howgarts iniziò a introdursi silente nelle case dei britannici nel giugno del 1997. In quell’anno – dopo innumerevoli rifiuti – la saga di Harry Potter approdava infine sugli scaffali delle librerie del Regno Unito, segnando l’avvio di un successo letterario destinato a evolversi in un fenomeno di costume. Tradotto in 80 lingue … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter : 10 anecdotes que vous ne connaissez pas sur Poudlard

News culture Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter : 10 anecdotes que vous ne connaissez pas sur Poudlard Publié le 01/01/2023 à 13:30 En cette période de fêtes, quoi de mieux qu’une plongée au cœur du château de Poudlard ? Après les origines de l’école de sorcellerie dans laquelle Harry Potter a étudié, on vous propose de … Read more

The legacy of the late Italo Barbazza: a new oratory for the community of Borgo Sacco

ROVERETO. From a “political” and “social” point of view, the news goes against the trend: in the face of an increasingly widespread dislike for local authorities (from the Municipality to the State), there is someone who instead recognizes a value in administrative activity and significant commitment. And, consequently, at the moment of farewell to the … Read more

The legacy of San José at the end of the world

This has influenced education, as well as culture, for three centuries now, creating and perfecting a school that honors its name and self-construction. Maria Angelica Dollenz San José settled in the city of Nazareth in Galilee, where he put down roots with his family, he was a builder, a carpenter, trades that then required hard … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy: Are the graphics hiding bad gameplay? A question that many fans ask

In less than two months, one of the most anticipated games by the community will be released, Hogwarts Legacy, which will be on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series in February. At that time, the opportunity will be given for all fans of the saga to enjoy an open world that looks splendid. And if the … Read more

Ultralarga band: the legacy of Minister Colao and the priorities of the new government

The Ministry of Technological Innovation and the digital transition (MITD) led by Vittorio Colao He inherits a new government a document which summarizes the initiatives undertaken, the results achieved and the actions on the calendar, to conclude with some recommendations intended for increase the effectiveness of industrial policies on digital mattersas well as compliance with … Read more