Abylsen joins forces with the ICD Business School of the IGS Group » PACA’s economic and political letter

Abylsen partners with the ICD Business School of the IGS Group to train its Talent Acquisition Officers. The ICD Business School of the IGS Group and Abylsen, an engineering consulting group in the Industry, Digital and Life Sciences sectors, are launching the recruitment of the Talent Acquisition Officers promotion. They undertake to train, within the … Read more

Middle school, before talking about a weak link, investigate the management of schools and compliance with the rules of the system. Letter

Sent by Enrico Maranzana – For many years the middle school has been seen as the weak link in the school system; the way to remedy this ineffectiveness, however, has never been identified, also because the problem has not been placed in an adequate framework. Yet the sphere of reference was and is in full … Read more

Lucas, 13, commits suicide after being bullied at school: the heartbreaking letter from his mother

If we had predicted it would be Lucas’ Last Christmashis family couldn’t believe it. Broken by grief, his mother collapses. Wind of panic for the entourage of Lucas! In the Vosges, there is consternation. When we discover the face of sweet Lucas, our heart is breaking into a thousand pieces. He had so many good … Read more

Maturity, a parent’s appeal: why isn’t the exam reformed? Why did we go back to the past? Letter

Sent by Katia Bondi – I am the parent of a boy who, like many other students, will take the high school exam this year. In practice they are a kind of nobody, but not that Nobody capable, mythologically speaking, of great enterprises. I am a “nobody” like many others, belonging to a middle class … Read more

In today’s school knowledge is increasingly watered down and vaporous. Letter

Sent by Mario Bocola – This is the truth and we have to admit it. It must be noted that we are dealing with a system that produces vacant, vaporous knowledge, better still knowledge for very short-term use and consumption destined to remain in the memory for the necessary time it serves. In short, a … Read more

Integration as a transversal asset… an asset to be protected. Letter

Sent by Luigi Talienti – Art. 3 Constitution . All citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, personal and social conditions. It is the task of the Republic to remove the economic and social obstacles which, by effectively limiting the freedom and … Read more

ADHD, TCA, suicidal thoughts: Louane lays down her worst suffering in a moving letter

In a video published on the Origins media channel, the singer and actress retraced her journey strewn with violence and trauma. Harassment, grossophobia, validism: this moving letter is also a reminder of the violence of which women are victims. How about taking the time to talk to each other? To talk to each other to … Read more

The letter to the Three Wise Men from a child who asks for friendship and understanding at his new school

disheartening. the Christmas and children all over the world have already begun to prepare their letter to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men. The little ones usually use the missives to ask for gifts, but there are many others who, beyond gifts, have other types of wishes for these holidays. This has been the … Read more