WEEKLY EL TIEMPO PERGAMINO What is Jorge Foster’s life like? Optician, collector and disseminator of Irish culture

&nbspMonday, January 30, 2023 In addition to being an internationally recognized ophthalmologist, he is dedicated to social activities in vintage cars and the dissemination of the customs of the Irish people in our country. The doctor Jorge Foster is a specialist in Ophthalmology, with a recognized prestige in Pergamino and the region. He has been … Read more

Auxiliary of school life (AVS) or AESH: recruitment, diplomas, missions

Parents may request human assistance to support their child or teenager with a disability. This professional aims to help and support him in his daily life at school. What is the job of school assistant (AVS)? What is the difference between an AVS and an AESH? The term auxiliary of school life (AVS) is the … Read more

Maurizio de Giovanni: «Being a “mammo” was the best part of my life»

the interview NoonJanuary 16, 2023 – 09:51 The Neapolitan writer tells himself, from his first high school sweetheart, “I’d like to see her again”, to the pride of having raised his children almost alone. But do they read his books? “No, they say I write too much and they fear I get tired” Of Mirella … Read more

Who are Me vs. You? Private life, marriage, real names of Luì and Sofì

Who am I vs. You, the most popular young YouTubers and influencers among children in Italy? Italian children know well the duo Me against you, who caused a sensation thanks to their videos and their film. Sofia Scalia and Luigi Calagna achieved fame thanks to their Youtube channel and their story is worth exploring. Sofia … Read more

The second life of the Provinces. Here are the proposals of the parties, united to make them reborn

The unanimous request of the parties: return to direct elections Once the wave of anti-caste and anti-politics has passed, now the Provinces almost become the symbol of politics which is once again regaining its decision-making spaces. Minister Roberto Calderoli had opened the dance in November: “I believe it is necessary to recreate the subject Province, … Read more

Suicide of Lucas, harassed at school: he had expressed “his desire to end his life”

Lucas had written in his diary “a word explaining his desire to end his life”, the public prosecutor of Epinal said on Friday. Lucas, the 13-year-old teenager who committed suicide on Saturday in Golbey (Vosges) and whose parents claim he was harassed because of his homosexuality, had expressed “his desire to end his life” in … Read more

France, Lucas takes his own life at 13, he was bullied because he was gay

Of Stephen Montefiori The boy was in eighth grade in Golbey, in the Vosges. For months he had been mocked by four companions for his homosexuality. He had expressed his discomfort to his mother and teachers FROM OUR PARIS CORRESPONDENT Today in Epinal, in the East of France, they are held Lucas’s private funeral, the … Read more

When the influencer is taken literally, life is also risked

This time there is nothing joking, but rather one Suicide instigation complaint. This is the sad epilogue of a video launched on social networks last November by Creepy Ryan (born Ryan Kuruppu), a young influencer from Vicenza who is on Youtube had launched a video entitled “9 ways to commit suicide”taken literally by a girl … Read more

Life Grace: the alliance on pastures between farmers and restaurateurs – AlessioPorcu.it

In Formia, between the Aurunci Mountains and the coast of the Gulf of Gaeta, the first conference of the year was held on the project financed by the European Union for strengthening the network between livestock producers and quality restaurateurs. The Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone and Latina, on the occasion, spoke of the Interprovincial … Read more