Behind Margot Robbie’s character in ‘Babylon’ there is a horrible story: the actress who lived on the street and was subjected to ‘electroshock’

Damien Chazelle directs this epic film about the end of silent movies in Hollywood and its chaotic world. Margot Robbie came to Babylon after Emma Stone had to leave the project. The role of her was very directed to tell the story of Clara Bowbut when Robbie embarked on the leading role, she ended up … Read more

The illusion of the Three Kings is lived in À Punt with a special program

The Valencian public television has prepared a special program for the kings weekthe last of the school holidays, which come loaded with interesting proposals for adults and children. On Thursday, January 5 in the morning, the youth mini-series premieres ‘mópies’ (Ele geminate) starting at 11:30 a.m., from Thursday to Saturday, and ending on Sunday at … Read more

When do children return to school: this is how the academic calendar will be lived in the main cities of Colombia

Private institutions are not subject to these guidelines, for this reason they can vary in the initial and final dates of their academic calendars Photo via: After the end of the December festivities and three weeks after the end of the holiday season of several students, teachers and directors of the district institutionsthus the … Read more

“He lived just above the primary school”: suspected of child pornography, a mayor of Côte

The mayor of this town of less than 800 inhabitants recognized “part of the facts“. Screenshot Google Maps The elected official of the commune of Échenon has been implicated since November 2022 in a case of possession of child pornography images. While awaiting trial in April 2023, he has been placed under judicial supervision. Dominique … Read more

Summit at the Capricho, and they all lived disunited and (dis)satisfied

BY IDA TROFA After the environmental catastrophe, after the tragedy and the deaths there is only chaos. Every attempt to bring a univocal and choral voice to the table of the institutions fails miserably. As always, there are more vegetable gardens to cultivate and more dynamics to preserve. The meeting scheduled yesterday with the commissioners … Read more

BLANZY: Inclusion is lived on a daily basis at Claudie Haigneré vocational school

Liliane Ménissier, Academic Director of the National Education Services (DASEN) of Saône-et-Loire went this Tuesday at the end of the morning to the Blanzynois high school to meet the daily actors of inclusive education…. Around Pierre Desoutter, the Principal of the establishment, about ten members of the educational community presented the systems put in place … Read more

Christophe Willem thought he had ruined his career: “I lived with the shame of being a finished artist”

Christophe Willem thought he had ruined his career: “I lived with the shame of being a finished artist”. (Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images) Revealed by “La Nouvelle Star”, it is in another tele-hook that Christophe Willem makes his comeback, since he is invited on the next prime of the “Star Academy”. The opportunity … Read more

This is how the second Barco Foundation Education Forum was lived

Caption: These spaces are intended to influence public policies on education in Colombia and promote this dialogue in public opinion. /Pixabay Photo: Pixabay The Barco Foundation, in partnership with the School of Government of the Universidad de los Andes and El Espectador, led the second Barco Foundation Education Forumwhose main theme was school infrastructure. These … Read more

Oscar Barney Finn: “The Berisso that I lived had a devastating force”

In his Buenos Aires apartment on Callao Avenue, dozens of shelves house hundreds of books. And on shelves and furniture, careful portraits show images that, in one way or another, are linked to his native Berisso, and to a past that, as he himself says, “allowed me to see history pass from the window of … Read more