Cartagena will live its Carnival in a big tent in Plaza Mayor

The Carnival return to the streets of Cartagenaand it does so back to normal, without sanitary restrictions and loaded with novelties, such as the installation of a large tent in Plaza Mayor that will host different events and that it will have bars so that the people of Cartagena “can have a beer”, according to … Read more

A new school in Zuccarello: the Province has said yes. Mayor Paliotto: “Priorities for the whole valley”

A new school will be built in place of the former Carabinieri barracks in Zuccarello: the Province of Savona, on 16 January, issued the landscape authorization for the construction of a new school building, following the request previously filed by the Municipality. Authorization from the Region is still missing, then work can begin on the … Read more

Vermelles: the mayor announces the continuation of the metamorphosis of the town

On Sunday, face-to-face vows return to the large sports hall with the municipal band, the choir and even Scottish bagpipe players. Also present, the Minister of Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher. The Mayor of Vermelles Alain de Carrion and the Minister for Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher. – VDN By Sébastien Aumont (CLP) Published: January 16, 2023 … Read more

Rapinese, 6 months later: “2027, still me mayor. Muggiò swimming pool, fancazzismo of the parties. Ticosa, Budget, Politeama and Pnnr, we spit blood and crazy results”

In a long and articulated post on his Facebook page, the mayor of Como, Alessandro Rapinese, intervenes on various hot topics of the city, first and foremost the Muggiò swimming pool. Then he talks about Budget, Politeama, single cooking point, schools, Ticosa, lakeside gardens, cleaning, bulkheads and much more. In short, a general point on … Read more

Sant’Ilario Award, the mayor quotes Gino Strada: “We have the privilege of being immediately useful”

“We have the privilege of being immediately useful” underlines the mayor Michele Guerra quoting Gino Strada, founder of Emergency, at the beginning of his speech for Sant’Ilario, the first as mayor of Parma. “This is the story of Sant’Iario, gratitude and devotion. We feel grateful and protected and responsible for the full livability in this … Read more

Auvillar. Mayor Olivier Renaud presents his wishes

It is in the very beautiful exhibition hall of the tourist office that the ceremony of the wishes of the municipality took place. Olivier Renaud was surrounded by the entire municipal council, and in the audience, representatives of the gendarmerie, the 31st regiment of Castelsarrasin, Christophe Antoine, Charles Merle, Jean-Pierre Dayres, Muriel Pélissier, traders and … Read more

“Berthoire will be converted into a park”: the mayor of Pignans presents his wishes and his projects for 2023

Two hundred seats occupied, nearly one hundred and fifty people standing, the Salle Berthoire was well filled. Fernand Brun’s wishes were launched on stage after a short screening retracing the major structural moments of… three years of office. And festive of 2022. Talking pictures The mayor went there with facts and touches of humor to … Read more

Finnish family leaves Syracuse and attacks the Italian school, the mayor: “Here the teachers work miracles with ridiculous salaries”

The case of the Finnish family who decided to leave Italy specifically Syracuse, after a negative experience, according to them, of their children in the school desks of our country. There have been many comments about it, among people who agree with the Finns criticizing our education system, who did not like their statements and … Read more