Boyacá Secretary of Education announces the guidelines of the School Meals Program for 2023

These are guidelines formulated in accordance with the parameters of the Special Administrative Unit for School Feeding -Food for Learning-. Tunja, February 2, 2023. (UACP). For the knowledge of the general public and the actors of the Food Program in Boyacá, the Secretary of Education of the department released Circular No. 4 addressed to rectors, … Read more

Canteen Commission: «Transparency, seasonality, territoriality the cornerstones of school meals» |

CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO – Yesterday – Wednesday 18 January 2023 – the Canteen Commission took office in an atmosphere of serene cooperation, chaired by the councilor for education, Alessia Alboresi. In attendance were the members of the Council’s Personal Services Commission: Cesare Sapia, Liliana Zangaro, Adele Olivo, Raffaele Vulcano and the adviser Francesco Madeo by delegation of … Read more

Substitute meals withdrawn from school canteens: Discrimination against Muslims?

The mayor of a commune in France has decided to withdraw, since January 3, substitution meals from school canteens in his locality. While this decision is completely legal, the parents of students and the opposition see it as a discriminatory gesture against the Muslim community. Since Tuesday January 3, 2023, the school canteens of the … Read more

Gallipoli, school meals: the notice for obtaining canteen vouchers has been published

The public notice for the acquisition of the requests of families residing in Gallipoli, in conditions of socio-economic hardship, interested in receiving canteen vouchers for minors who attend the Polo 2 and Sofia comprehensive schools is online on the institutional website of the Body Stevens of Gallipoli, for the duration of an entire school year. … Read more

School Meals: Public Notice Published For The Acquisition Of Applications For Obtaining Canteen Vouchers

GALLIPOLI – The public notice for the acquisition of requests from families residing in Gallipoli, in conditions of socio-economic hardship, interested in receiving canteen vouchers for minors attending POLO 2 comprehensive institutions is online on the institutional website of the Body and SOFIA STEVENS of Gallipoli, for the duration of an entire school year. Sponsored … Read more

At the table with 3,000 children: this is how safe meals give value to school

from Julia Mietta A Helpcode project to promote education in the province of Maputo: nine canteens have been launched to encourage families to let their children study. Get local farmers involved The food of the body and that of the mind. L’school dropout and malnutrition. All tied together in fragile countries like the Mozambique where … Read more

Mess canteen again: extended time blocked. School meals remain weak point of the Stasi executive |

CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO – School canteen, here we go again. In Corigliano-Rossano the didactic activities stop (partially, limited to the morning only) because once again the school lunch service is experiencing problems and delays. In reality, the race would not have been completed yet, stopped at Single contracting station in the Province. The same one that last … Read more

From suppliers to municipalities, school meals are not immune to rising prices

In almost all municipalities, the price of school meals is increasing. The increase varies between 5 and 10%. A necessity for suppliers which currently has no impact on demand. However, in some schools, the lunch boxes are less and less filled. “Yes, there is a slight 8% increase, but we hadn’t indexed since 2019.” It … Read more

A petition to end reheated meals in Strasbourg school canteens

11,000 meals served in Strasbourg school canteens every day are prepared in central kitchens, cooled and often served two or three days later. The Strasbourg Ecology association is launching a petition to ask for lunches to be prepared the same day and on site, in school restaurants. In February 2022, Rue89 Strasbourg visited the production … Read more

Rise in the price of meals in the canteen: “it’s up to everyone to make an effort”

Faced with the energy crisis and galloping inflation, the Yonne department has chosen to increase the cost of meals in the college canteen for students. A decision already taken for high schools by the region, defended by the majority but castigated by the opposition. It’s official: the college students of Yonne will pay more for … Read more