Las 44 mejores series coreanas que puedes ver en Netflix

Las series coreanas están de moda en Netflix, sobre todo después del enorme éxito de El juego del calamar. El catálogo es amplio, con más decenas de títulos originales de k-dramas, como llaman a los dramas producidos en Corea del Sur. En ocasiones, sus temáticas son muy similares a la de un “culebrón” latinoamericano, pero … Read more

The Wednesday series on Netflix proves that a spin

Wednesday and Harry Potter would have things in common! Fans of the Netflix series are on a new track! Wednesday and Harry Potter wouldn’t be so different according to some theories which agitate the canvas. First, we put you on the track… Wednesday and Harry Potter, apparent commonalities Wednesday and Harry Potter are cult characters! … Read more

The Pale Blue Eye (Netflix): did you recognize this transformed Harry Potter star in the film?

Released on January 6 on Netflix, the film The Pale Blue Eye features Christian Bale as a veteran detective and movie star Harry Potter. But did you recognize her? The continuation under this advertisement Outraged season 2 of Ginny & Georgiasubscribers of netflix eagerly awaiting the release of The Pale Blue Eye, a thriller adapted … Read more

“Pinocchio” by Guillermo del Toro: 5 reasons to see the new version of the classic now available on Netflix

“Pinocchio”, the long-awaited version of Guillermo del Toro, is now available on Netflix. This is one of the filmmaker’s most personal projects and a portrait of death “as a necessary, beautiful and profound entity”, as explained by the Mexican director himself. “It was essential that life and death be sisters and have a dialogue through … Read more

Wednesday: Netflix officially announces season 2, when?

WEDNESDAY SEASON 2. Season 2 of the series “Wednesday” has officially been announced by Netflix. However, the release date is not yet known. Summary [Mis à jour le 6 janvier 2023 à 18h08] It was just a formality, but it’s now official! Series Wednesdaya veritable audience hit on netflix since its release on November 23, will be … Read more

Las mejores 45 películas en Netflix para ver con los niños y niñas en vacaciones

Para una gran maratón en casa junto a los más pequeños, acá ofrecemos un puñado de películas para niños y niñas que ofrece Netflix y que son una buena alternativa para que se entretengan en vacaciones. Son alternativas para los más chicos, adolescentes e incluso adultos, de historias originales o que permiten el reencuentro con famosos personajes de … Read more

The Pale Blue Eye: review that turns the eye on Netflix

Cooper squared Gus Landor, gruff and aging commissioner, is dragged back by the skin of his buttocks from his derelict cottage to investigate the murder of a West Point Military Academy student. There, he meets one of the victim’s classmates: Edgar Allan Poe, an aspiring poet and school Turk. Impressed by this ugly duckling’s sense … Read more

A Pale Blue Eye, before the Netflix movie: when Edgar Poe met Sherlock Holmes

Before we can find out The Pale Blue Eye on Netflix this Friday, January 6, a look back at the novel by Louis Bayard that inspired him: One Pale Blue Eyereissued on January 5 at the seek noon editor. After The Blazes of Wrath, Hostile and hungryScott Cooper returns to our screens – television, this … Read more

Il doppiaggio inclusivo: L’incontro tra 3Cycle, Netflix e Diversity

Un corso con al centro il doppiaggio inclusivo è la bella realtà messa in piedi da 3Cycle in collaborazione con Diversity e il supporto di Netflix. L’obiettivo è quello di guardare al futuro e annullare ogni forma di discriminazione tra rappresentazione e pubblico. 3Cycle, in collaborazione con Diversity e con il supporto di Netflix, ha … Read more