Hogwarts Legacy: the Harry Potter video game that divides the networks

Boycott or not Boycott. This is the big question of the moment that has invaded Twitter and the Reddit forum. It concerns the highly anticipated video game of this beginning of the year: Hogwarts Legacy, in French the legacy of Hogwarts. First open-world game from the Harry Potter universe. The open world is one of … Read more

Gers: in Auch, the students of the Salinis college at the school of social networks

the essential If they use them massively, college students know little about the functioning of social networks. Workshops are set up with the Toulouse association Synapses to boost the critical spirit of 5th grade students at the Auscitain college. In a room at the Salinis college, a dozen 5th graders are chatting casually with two … Read more

What was the activity on social networks of the Las Palmas Bar Association? Discover this media monitoring

The monitoring of the media carried out on the activity that had Las Palmas Bar Association Throughout 2022, it shows great interaction on social networks. It reached a total of 2,985 mentions from 442 different authors. The truth is that the mentions graph almost always shows a minimum of 200 mentions per month. The entity … Read more

Brissia: she came out of a children’s reality show, posed in a men’s magazine and now conquers social networks

Brissia Daniela Mayagoitia Ortawho we know only as Brissia Mayagoitia At her young age she has been involved in many controversies as she was romantically related to the late comedian Hector Suarez and she also posed in a men’s magazine, however, she is currently conquering social networks with her talent and beauty. And it is … Read more

The Guardian Agent of Astorga, concerned about alcohol consumption and the use of social networks

the local police Robert Bermejo, who performs the work of Tutor Agent at Astorga, presented this Friday together with the head of the Local Police, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, and the Councilor for Social Services, Chayo Roig, the programming of the course 2022/2023. They have also given a series of data on the most common problems … Read more

Risks from smartphones and social networks become a show at the municipal theater

Thursday morning the event of the association “Riaccendi il Sorriso” with artistic performances and sports exhibitions. 500 students from Versilia schools were present. Music and dance shows, theatrical performances, performances by sports clubs. Awareness of the risks associated with the abuse of smartphones, tablets and social networks at a young age becomes art, declined in … Read more

School harassment: “Many parents are flabbergasted when they discover their child’s life on social networks”

You who were a magistrate in charge of juvenile delinquency, from September 2019 to July 2022, in Brest, what does the law of March 3, 2022 inspire in you? It came to specify the offense that we already apprehended via the more general offense of moral harassment. It allowed the legislator to underline the importance … Read more

The Voice Kids 2022: Nahel’s disease was revealed after he was made fun of on the networks!

After his participation in the program The voice Kids, the young candidate Nahel was the victim of mockery. In his defense, his parents revealed his illness. Nahel participated in the show The Voice Kids. After that, a few teasing concerning him have been seen on social networks. The boy’s parents therefore came out of silence … Read more

On social networks, Grégoire Duteretere exposes rap pieces by reciting them

It all started with a joke, a voice message sent in a conversation with friends. Grégoire Duteretere then reads a piece by Aya Nakamura in his deep voice: “my friends died laughing”. The idea of ​​making a video with the same principle is gaining ground. He creates his character, dresses in an old shirt, a … Read more