This is how the armed groups that dispute control of northern Antioquia operate

A massacre of 4 young people between the ages of 18 and 20 in the hands of the dissidents of the Farc front 36 was the most recent act of violence that occurred in the North of Antioquia. A subregion that in the first 31 days of the year adjusted 16 homicides8 of them in … Read more

The Culture Pass arrives in the Northern Islands

By Laura Bouaricha November 21, 2022 at 09:55 The announcement of the arrival of the Culture Pass was made at the seaside bookstore. Books, films, music or theater. A credit will now be allocated to the young people of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy so that they can have access to various cultural offers … Read more

School violence: emotional literacy is one of the ways to reverse it | Digital medium The Northern Fox

The first Thursday of each November marks the International Day Against Violence and Harassment at School, a date to raise awareness of this problem that has become more present after the return to post-pandemic attendance. But what can schools and families do to stop the advance of school violence at an early age? In the … Read more

Accessible Film Festival presents films for children with visual, hearing and intellectual disabilities in Natal | great northern river

The idea to create editions aimed at children came from his son, David, in 2015, when he was eight years old. In one of the performances, he could not enter the cinema, because he was underage. “My father created an accessible Festival for others; but it is not accessible for me,” he lamented. Soon after, … Read more

School calendar: dates of bridges, start and end of lessons decided in Northern Italy

The Regions of Northern Italy have also officially communicated all the start and end dates of lessons, as well as those relating to bridges. And even with the latest news relating to the next 2022/2023 school calendar in Northern Italy, a circle is closed. Now all of Italy knows what will happen next school year. … Read more

Northern Patagonia advances towards better health care for trans people

Trans people identify with a gender that differs from the one assigned at birth based on the biological sex they were born with. Thanks to the activism of trans people themselves and different organizations, changes are already beginning to be registered so that the right to science and health of trans people is respected. The … Read more