The song by Hombres G that a school in Valladolid has chosen to celebrate Peace Day

Last summer the film ‘I’m going to have a good time’ premiered in theaters, starring in this case by children at school who love the group men g and can’t stop listening to their songs. For this reason, from the San José de Valladolid school they have wanted to create their own video clip for … Read more

Education for peace | Luisa Martinez Baxin

Now what we return to the classrooms with a different look at the educationteachers, academic coordinators and educational authorities are adapting and adapting new learning strategies with the aim of favoring the cognitive development of children and adolescents. However, it is essential to mention after passing a pandemic like COVID-19, we can’t keep teaching in … Read more

President Boluarte: “Government will insist on dialogue to consolidate peace and the development of the country”

From the city of Cusco, the President of the Republic, Dina Boluarte Zegarrahe said his Government He will insist on dialogue and visits to the regions to consolidate peace and the development of the country. During the press conference, organized by the National Confederation of Radio and Television – CNRTV of Regional and Local Mediathe … Read more

José Luis Sampietro Saquicela: Esmeraldas, we lost freedom and peace | Columnists | Opinion

Undoubtedly, the column of an editorialist is a space for reflection on issues inherent to economic development, the progress of society and the evolution of conglomerates as such, among which various axes that govern the reins of a country are settled and analyzed. such as social and economic policy, financial indices, among others. Two brothers, … Read more

“Teaching_minds of freedom, peace and humanity”… FROM FIFTY

Of Carmen Leo ______ “It was an honor and a pleasure for the Istituto Comprensivo Polo 1 of Nardò to participate again this year in the provincial event ‘Schools In…The Villages Sing’, promoted by the Territorial School Office, Ambit VI for the Province of Lecce. Thanks to the Neretina network set up with the Istituto … Read more

X Vittoria Peace Film Fest 2022. Nel pomeriggio viene assegnato il “Premio giornalistico Gianni Molè Cronisti per la pace”

14 Dic 2022 15:03 La decima edizione del Vittoria Peace Film Fest punta i propri riflettori sull’informazione coraggiosa e sui progetti che possano determinare un cambiamento del contesto sociale. Nel corso della kermesse cinematografica, il regista Pasquale Scimeca ha presentato il Progetto del Quartiere Fanello. “Esattamente un anno fa – racconta Scimeca – durante la … Read more

Gioia Sannitica ‘Pact of Peace’ between the Settembrini school and the mayor propitiated by the Torch of Paca

The Torch of Peace signs the “Peace Pact” with the IC Settembrini and the Mayor. Planted another Tree of Peace and signed an appeal for a “Ceasefire”. The Torch of Peace returned to Gioia Sannitica on Thursday 15 December 2022 to ask for “Ceasefire”, the defense of human rights of all men and an intention … Read more

The Pope to the artists of the Christmas Concert: Putting talent at the service of peace

This afternoon, in the Vatican, the traditional Christmas Concert will take place which, in its 30th edition, will be dedicated to the victims of the war in Ukraine. This time, it will be broadcast on television on January 1, 2023, World Day of Peace. When receiving the artists, the Pope recalled the need to spend … Read more

X Vittoria Peace Film Fest, from the “Fanello Project” to investigative journalism

The X Vittoria Peace Film Fest cares about the community in which it operates. Southeastern Sicily. For these reasons, it focuses its spotlight on courageous information and on projects that can bring about a change in the social context. During the film festival the director Pasquale Scimeca presented the Fanello district project. “Exactly one year … Read more

Ukraine: Prayer for the country and the wish for peace in children’s drawings

Reproductions of works by Ukrainian children and youth are exhibited in Rome and other countries. The organizers express that they try to heal the souls of children who dream of peace, not only for themselves, but also for the whole world. Svitlana Dukhovych – Vatican City “Some of these drawings were made in a shelter … Read more