This is how you can register for the Leona Vicario scholarship that gives 932 pesos to students

Do you have children studying in preschool, primary or secondary? We share information about the requirements Y how to do the Registration to Leona Vicario scholarship 2023. The foregoing based on what was announced by the DIFF CDMX with the publication of the operating rules of its social program called “Leona Vicario Scholarship of Mexico … Read more

Historical figure: Fondos Cultura 2023 will allocate more than 5 billion pesos to 412 cultural projects in the Valparaíso Region

· Between the beneficiaries are the youalleres de Kai Kai de la Treasure Humano Vivo Isabel Pakarati; the Tsonami Sound Art Festival; a trolley on Cerro Playa Ancha; improvements to the equipment of the Municipal Theater of Valparaíso; and the Malabicirco International Congress. A total of $ 5,160,957,766 million reached this year the delivery of … Read more

University Council approves 52 thousand 728 million pesos of budget for 2023

The University Council (CU) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) today approved its budget for 2023, which will be a total of 52 thousand 728 million pesos, which will allow the organization to have “institutional certainty and solidity”. , as well as a better adaptation to the return to face-to-face classes, authorities from … Read more

Feria de León will pay 7.3 million pesos per show that Disney will present

León, Guanajuato.- The León Fair will pay 7 million 395 thousand pesos for 60 performances of the show Disney Mysteryplus travel expenses and food for 32 artists and 27 staff members who will perform from January 13 to February 7. Currently in Mexico City the show comes on Disney Mystery with a duration of one … Read more

Vallistas students won a million pesos to carry out their project based on carob flour

Valuing ancestral knowledge, students from the Escuela Agrotécnica Ejército Argentino de Valle Fértil developed a project based on a basic food of the native communities, such as the carob. The students selected by classifying the tree species Prosopis chilensis Y Prosopis flexuosa, knowing the benefits and limitations of the two existing varieties. After assessing the … Read more

A school must pay almost a million pesos to a teacher who was fired for being gay

They considered that the sexuality of Julián Björklund (38) did not coincide “with the ideology of the institution”. He went to Oberá, Misiones. A private school in the city of Oberá will have to pay almost a million pesos to a teacher who was fired six years ago for his sexual orientation. Julián Björklund (38) … Read more

Bar Association accuses Social Security treasurer of diverting billions of pesos

The Bar Association of the Dominican Republic filed a criminal complaint against Henry Sahdalá, treasurer of the Social Security, whom it accuses of the crimes of prevarication, embezzlement, breach of trust, intellectual falsehood, usurpation of functions, abuse of power and coalition of officials. Miguel Surún Hernández, president of the lawyers’ union, filed the complaint with … Read more

It is estimated that, at the end of the year, some 200 million pesos could enter as an Educational Fund

In the facilities of the Deliberative Council, under Decree 890, issued by the presidency of the body, the first meeting framed in the Commission for Monitoring the Execution of the Educational Fund in Infrastructure Matters was held. Participating in the meeting, held days ago, the head of the Legislative, María Inés Laurini, and the councilors … Read more

Contributions for 200 million pesos were delivered to 102 schools in the southern province

Sunday 11.9.2022 – Last update – 9:13 The provincial government, through the Ministry of Education, continues to deliver funds for schools in Santa Fe. On this occasion, the Minister of Education, Adriana Cantero, delivered contributions from the Assistance Fund for Immediate Needs (FANI) for educational institutions of the VI Education Region (Rosario) for a total … Read more