The Pope: Africa is not a mine to be exploited or a land to be plundered

“Don’t touch the Democratic Republic of the Congo, don’t touch Africa” is the urgent appeal made by Francis in his first speech in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Pope asked to stop suffocating the continent, and appealed for Africa, “smile and hope of the world” to have more weight and representation among nations. … Read more

The Pope to the artists of the Christmas Concert: Putting talent at the service of peace

This afternoon, in the Vatican, the traditional Christmas Concert will take place which, in its 30th edition, will be dedicated to the victims of the war in Ukraine. This time, it will be broadcast on television on January 1, 2023, World Day of Peace. When receiving the artists, the Pope recalled the need to spend … Read more

Roberto Benigni met with the Pope to show him his program inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi

The Pope Francisco received the Oscar-winning Italian actor and director at the Vatican Roberto Benigniwhich has produced a program on the figure of San Francisco de Asis which is issued in Paramount+ since December 8. The meeting took place in one of the meeting rooms of Casa Santa Marta, the residence where he lives Francisco … Read more

From Perón to the Pope and from anarchism to the Armed Forces, the forced interpretations that Martin Fierro had

In the mouth of Juan Domingo Perón or Pope Francisco, anarchism or the Armed Forces, the Martin Fierro, a masterpiece by José Hernández, has been the object of multiple and constant uses, rewrites, and misrepresentations over the decades. In the National Gaucho Day, The historian and researcher at CONICET Matías Emiliano Casas reviews “the forced … Read more

The Pope warned Catholic educators against ideological colonization

“Today ideological colonization destroys the human personality and when it enters education it causes disasters,” Francis warned the World Union of Catholic Teachers. The Pope with members of the World Union of Catholic Teachers (VaticanMedia) Pope Francis met on Saturday with members of the World Union of Catholic Teachers in the Vatican (WUCT) on the … Read more

The Pope to Catholic educators: Beware of ideological colonization

It is important “to have good and wise educators in the formative years.” This is the Pope’s recommendation to the World Union of Catholic Educators, which he asks to continually cultivate and increase “the art of education.” Francis also warns that “ideological colonization destroys the human personality.” Amedeo Lomonaco – Vatican City We must ensure … Read more

The Pope admits that the case of sexual abuse in an Opus Dei school in Leioa “was not judged well by the Church”

On the return flight from his trip to Bahrain last Tuesday, Pope Francis made reference to the cases of sexual abuse of minors misjudged by the Catholic Church. He spoke generically and did not refer to any in particular, although Vatican sources consulted by El Correo Vasco assured that it was “lawful” to think that … Read more

“Without you this coexistence of differences would not be possible”, the Pope told the young people of Bahrain

The last meeting of Francis’ third day in Bahrain took place at Sacred Heart Schoolan institution that has been in the country for 74 years and currently has students and teachers of 29 nationalities and diverse cultures, languages ​​and religious affiliations. After being greeted by the students at the door, he went to the gym, … Read more

The Pope orders a new canonical process for a case of abuse in an Opus Dei school

The Bishop of Bilbao (Spain), Mons. Joseba Segura, has announced that Pope Francis has ordered a new canonical process for a case of abuse that occurred in a school that is part of the corporate work of the Prelature of Opus Dei . The informative note specifies that the Holy Father was aware in December … Read more