How much does a Totalplay employee earn in 2023? SALARY per position

Written in BUSINESS the 2/1/2023 1:13 p.m. total play is a company that belongs to Grupo Salinas and is dedicated to the telecommunications sector, which is why it offers Internet access, pay television, and telephony services for residential and business customers, which are provided through fiber optics and with access nodes. GPON. Next, we detail … Read more

Precarious salaries, Anief: in Ferrara the judge gives a teacher 1,133 euros plus interest for a substitute position carried out in 2017/18

Even precarious nursery and primary school teachers are entitled to professional teacher salary, which is instead denied each month by the state: it is 164.00 gross per month, the amount denied to a nursery school teacher, who has entrusted to Anief lawyers after realizing that she had been used by the Ministry of Education “in … Read more

“Indice de position sociale”: cet indicateur qui met en lumière les inégalités à l’école

Cet indice permet de connaître le “profil social” des élèves d’un établissement scolaire donné. Il montre d’importantes disparités: dans les écoles et collèges privés, notamment en région parisienne, les élèves évoluent globalement dans un contexte familial plus favorable à la réussite scolaire. Quels sont les établissements scolaires où la situation sociale des élèves est la … Read more

Cervantes revalidates position as dean of the Toledo Bar Association

The Toledo Bar Association is currently immersed in elections for the renewal of four of the nine members of its board of directors, including the dean, who will be serving five years in office in the coming days. Although, the Electoral Commission proclaimed Ángel Cervantes yesterday as dean for a period of five years, with … Read more

CARTES. Écoles, collèges… Ce que révèlent les indices de position sociale publiés par le ministère

Le ministère de l’Éducation nationale a mis en ligne mi-octobre des statistiques jusqu’ici inédites : les indices de position sociale (IPS) des écoles et des collèges français (mais pas ceux des lycées, N.D.L.R.). De quoi s’agit-il ? Concrètement, cet outil élaboré en 2016 évalue la situation sociale des élèves dans les établissements. Plus l’indice est … Read more

Health established a position on the conflict between Iosper and the College of Dentists

The Ministry of Health of Entre Ríos expressed its disagreement, through a statement, with the regulatory act issued by the College of Dentists of Entre Ríos, which sets fees for professionals “with the force of law, with excessive values ​​that affect and have repercussions negatively in the dental health of the population”. They also described … Read more

Social position index: what is the situation for schools in Ariège?

The Ministry of National Education was forced to publish, very recently, data relating to the social position index (IPS) of schools and colleges in France – a statistical tool intended to understand the social status of students based on their professions. and social categories (PCS) of their parents. The focus on data from the Toulouse … Read more

School segregation: what the social position index (IPS) reveals

Sentenced on July 13, 2022 by the Paris administrative court to transmit data relating to the social position index of colleges and schools, the Ministry of National Education finally complied at the beginning of October, after two years of stubbornness(1). 2021-2022 data is now available by school (2) and by middle School on the National … Read more

Indices of social position of colleges: “School ghettos” in the Metropolis of Lyon

International school complex, in Lyon (©Antoine Merlet) On July 13, the Administrative Court of Paris condemned the National Education to reveal the indices of social position (IPS) of the colleges and classes of CM2 of the country. They reveal strong disparities in the Lyon metropolitan area. It took the determination of Alexandre Léchenet, journalist at … Read more

Wave of violence in schools in Guyana: what is the position of parents’ associations?

Since the start of the school year, there has been an increase in acts of violence with weapons in and in front of certain establishments, particularly in the west of Guyana. An explosive situation which caused the unions, the rectorate, the authorities to react and, with a slight delay, the parents’ associations, the Fapeg (Autonomous … Read more