Historical figure: Fondos Cultura 2023 will allocate more than 5 billion pesos to 412 cultural projects in the Valparaíso Region

· Between the beneficiaries are the youalleres de Kai Kai de la Treasure Humano Vivo Isabel Pakarati; the Tsonami Sound Art Festival; a trolley on Cerro Playa Ancha; improvements to the equipment of the Municipal Theater of Valparaíso; and the Malabicirco International Congress. A total of $ 5,160,957,766 million reached this year the delivery of … Read more

Pistoia schools, over 2 million from the Region. To Lorenzini about half of the sum

Of Marcellus Paris PISTOIA – Two and a half million euros from the Region in response to the alarm cry of the Province of Pistoia and its mayors The alarm raised in the Region mainly concerned schools, their safety and the construction of new complexes. The details of what has been put in the pipeline … Read more


With the law reforming the integrated 0/6 years old system, the Lazio Region was the first in Italy to implement Legislative Decree 65/2017, setting in motion a revolution: the transition of educational services from social services to education, which has guaranteed shift of focus to rights of boys and girls from birth. As all studies … Read more

Sign Language becomes a subject taught in middle schools: the initiative of the Puglia Region

There is news that is good for you and, if spread, becomes good practices to share: one of these is certainly the decision of the Puglia Region to introduce in the lower secondary school the teaching of LIS, sign language. In implementation of the regional law 30 December 2021, n. 51 to article 17, which … Read more

Minister Ávila in the O’Higgins Region: visit training workshops in prison, provide resources to rural schools and provide details of the Summer Plan

In the first tour of the year, the Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Ávila, traveled to the region of Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins to visit the towns of Rancagua, Rengo and Requínoa. After a meeting with the governor, Pablo Silva, the head of Mineduc went to the Rengo Prison to meet the students of the F-187 … Read more

Labor issues in other school service centers in the region

At CSS du Lac-Saint-Jean, 85 employees are expected to retire in 2024-2025, including 40 teachers. Annual forecasts have been made by the organization since 2013 in order to anticipate the situation for the next four years.said Véronique Leclerc, communications advisor within the organization, in an email sent Thursday. The center also specifies that several teaching … Read more

Rivalta, funds for school and civil protection from the Region

The educational paths of the “Educational Alliances” project co-financed and implemented by the Municipality and supported with 21,480 euros from the “Contrast to biopsychosocial discomfort” tender of the Region will begin in February, with the creation of groups of students and with the co-planning of the laboratories. The project is aimed at children and young … Read more

School, sport and mountains: «From the Region contributions to 17 schools in the province of Cuneo»

Elena Chiorino and Paolo Bongioanni And a few days after the funding for anti-bullying projects and for projects in the Stem disciplines, the results of the third tender promoted by the Education Councilor of the Piedmont Region Elena Chiorino have now arrived, in support of the teaching and educational activities of the Piedmontese schools. This … Read more

‘Lombardi’ of Airola, the Province: the Region approves proposal to activate ‘Spatial’ technological direction

The Province of Benevento has asked the Regional Councilor of Campania at the Lucia School to approve the proposal of the training offer for the “Lombardi” Higher Education Institute of Airola with the activation of the professional option on the IPIA addresstechnological “Space” – experimental. With a note sent this morning, the President of the … Read more

Autism, the innovative 8.2 million euro project of the Region is underway

«It is estimated that one in 77 children, between the ages of 7 and 9, has autism spectrum disorder with a higher prevalence in boys. It is a pathology that requires a path of taking charge that considers not only the person who suffers from it, but which extends the interventions to the family environment. … Read more