This is how you can register for the Leona Vicario scholarship that gives 932 pesos to students

Do you have children studying in preschool, primary or secondary? We share information about the requirements Y how to do the Registration to Leona Vicario scholarship 2023. The foregoing based on what was announced by the DIFF CDMX with the publication of the operating rules of its social program called “Leona Vicario Scholarship of Mexico … Read more

Universal national service: do you have to register?

Emmanuel Macron and Sarah El Haïry promise to generalize it to 800,000 young people each year. However, the Universal National Service has no chance of achieving the stated objectives. The flagship device of Macron’s youth policy is already a failure. Moment of cohesion? A two-week cohesion stay is offered to young people aged 15 to … Read more

Fact Checking: Does Chile register more cases of monkeypox than almost 40 countries in Europe? Have only 1 in 5 cases of Covid

According to figures from the Chilean Ministry of Health, Our country records to date 850 cases of monkeypox, surpassing 38 nations in Europe, including Italy (846), Belgium (770), Switzerland (513), Austria (309), Israel (250), Sweden (192), Poland (188), Denmark (185) and Ireland (183). This information is true. The so-called old continent has reached the 24,622 … Read more

Benito Juárez Scholarship 2022: what is the deadline to register for financial support

The Government of Mexico provides a series of financial support so that students can continue their studies (Photos: Instagram/@TolucalaBellaCd) With the new school year, The Government of Mexico provides a series of financial support so that basic, upper secondary and higher education students can continue with their studies, one of them is the Benito Juarez … Read more

Students denounce that they paid to carry out the Icfes tests, but their school did not register them

About 110 students will not be able to take the Icfes test after their school forgot to make the respective deposit. school students Monsalve Newlove, located in the municipality of Loneliness, in the department of Atlántico, denounced that they made the respective payment for the Saber Once Tests for the value they requested of $79,500 … Read more

Register of individual volunteers and consultancy of volunteers: ask questions

The deadlines are open for the submission of applications for registration in the Register of individual volunteers, for individual citizens, and for joining the Council of Volunteers, for Bodies and Associations. The forms are available at the URP office and online in the news section of the Massarosa municipality website. Following the approval in the … Read more

Extraordinary School Competition Bis 2022: last days to register

These are the last days to register for the Bis 2022 Extraordinary School Competition, organized by the Miur, to recruit new teachers. Here’s what you need to know. Extraordinary School Competition Bis 2022: the Miur has launched a competition to recruit new teachers, both for common and support posts.The competition procedure was banned to guarantee … Read more