They demand information from the Executive about the destination of the resources for works of the Educational Fund

The Educational Financing Fund is once again at the center of the debate. After projecting the resources in the 2023 budget, sanctioned on December 29 by the Deliberative Council, the communal government calculated around 235 million pesos of the total for school infrastructure works. I received the news in your email Receive newsletter “Does anyone … Read more

Minister Ávila in the O’Higgins Region: visit training workshops in prison, provide resources to rural schools and provide details of the Summer Plan

In the first tour of the year, the Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Ávila, traveled to the region of Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins to visit the towns of Rancagua, Rengo and Requínoa. After a meeting with the governor, Pablo Silva, the head of Mineduc went to the Rengo Prison to meet the students of the F-187 … Read more

Barbacci (Cisl School): “We need a school decree to restore economic dignity to the staff and not to waste the resources of the Pnrr” [VIDEO INTERVISTA]

“We have signed a part of the contractual renewal which concerns 95% of the resources of the 2019, 2020 and 2021 budget laws. It was a necessary, appropriate operation, which obviously does not represent a definitive answer for school staff. All of this is a refreshment for me ”. He said it Ivana Barbaccigeneral secretary … Read more

“Planète R”, a baby full of resources!

The ALPEJ, an association for social and professional integration active in the Montargis region, has been maturing since February 2022 the idea of ​​a resource centre. Nine months later, on November 3, the baby was born and is called “Planet R”. In mid-December, it was presented to its sponsors (the State, the Loiret Departmental Council … Read more

The Maneuver subtracts resources from the school, the Democratic Party cries out to the scandal: we are back to Moratti’s cuts, rather than promoting merit

Simona Malpezzi (PD) The slamming of 99 percent of the amendments to the Budget Law gives rise to opposition to the Meloni government, accused of not wanting to invest in the school. Three of the most critical voices stands out that of Irene Manzi, leader of the Democratic Party in the Culture Commission of the … Read more

Scholastic orientation according to Valditara: an idea that ends and does not commit; to be serious you need resources and dedicated staff

The letter with which the Minister Giuseppe Valditara it is aimed at families to remind everyone of the importance of the choice to be made at the end of lower secondary school it takes us back to “films” we have already seen in the past, for example with Minister Bussetti.Arrived in Viale Trastevere the Northern … Read more

Reduce the lack of resources of private schools

The seminar “Building an environment for caring for and educating children of non-contract private preschool institutions in the area of ​​industrial parks and export processing zones of the city” was organized on December 6 by the Department of education and training in Ho Chi Minh City. >> Private kindergartens call for help >> Parents and … Read more

School contract, Valditara will have to look for 300 million to increase salaries: in 2023 the new resources promised to the unions are expected

Now comes the difficult part for Giuseppe Valditara: the Minister of Education and Merit, after having closed the first economic part of the expired school contract, will have to keep faith with the pact with the unions and find the additional resources to reach the threshold of around 120 euros salary increase. But it won’t … Read more

Directors of the New Public Education have seen “significant impacts”, but see the lack of resources, inefficiency and bureaucracy as pending

The New Public Education (NEP) is the public education system created in 2017 and that transfers to the State the function of educating Chilean schoolchildren. Thus, the municipalities, which until now functioned as supporters, must transfer their educational services, which will be administered by 70 Local Education Services (SLEP) throughout Chile. Each SLEP groups by … Read more

Improving educational resources and results: the DREN and the EN of Niamey sign a performance contract

The meeting room of the Regional Directorate of National Education (DREN) of Niamey served as a framework yesterday Thursday, November 10, 2022 for the signing of a performance contract between the Directorate and the Normal School of Niamey and Regional Directorate of National Education of Niamey. For an amount of 12 million FCFA for the … Read more