How much does a Totalplay employee earn in 2023? SALARY per position

Written in BUSINESS the 2/1/2023 1:13 p.m. total play is a company that belongs to Grupo Salinas and is dedicated to the telecommunications sector, which is why it offers Internet access, pay television, and telephony services for residential and business customers, which are provided through fiber optics and with access nodes. GPON. Next, we detail … Read more

Careful! If you play the trick with your school salary, you can end up in jail

The school salary is fully recognized by our legislation and if a parent does not deposit it with their child, it could well end up in jailas explained by lawyer Kabul Ugalde. The lawyer clarifies that if at the latest the next January 30tha person with alimentary pension has not deposited the school salarythe father … Read more

Woman takes her son out of school to play Fortnite and now he gets a salary of $ 400,000

In recent years, video games have become an industry that produces multi-million dollar profits and thanks to this, some people have the opportunity to become professional gamers, who can earn a lot of prestige and money by being gamers Standouts on the competitive scene. That is the case of Benjy Fish, a young British man … Read more

Salary January 2023 teachers and ATA, amount not yet visible but here are some details. FAQ

Salary January 2023: while waiting for the amount visible on NoiPA, here are some previews of what awaits teachers and ATA. The arrears of the 2019/21 contract renewal arrived on the accounts on 29 December, now the focus is on the next month’s salary, pending the increases. Duilio Mazzotti, official of the Ministry of Economy … Read more

Samuel Etienne: Wife, children, salary, Twitch… all about the host!

Presenter of “Questions for a Champion”, journalist for the Matinale de France Info and streamer whose press review on Twitch has more and more subscribers, Samuel Etienne is a fulfilled journalist who navigates between Paris and Brittany. Here’s what you (perhaps) didn’t know… Summary With his laughing eyes, calm voice and reassuring tone, the journalist … Read more

Precarious school workers, still no salary for substitute teachers who worked in the first quarter of the current year

They worked in September, October, November and are still doing it, but they haven’t received a single euro cent from the state. Are the teachers and school collaborators with short and occasional replacementsthose who are called to take the chair when a titular teacher falls ill for three, four days or those janitors who replace … Read more

Teacher and ATA salary arrears, net amounts lower than expected: ten special cases to consider

A few hours ago, NoiPa began issuing arrears for the school staff concerned. Several readers, both on social media and in our email, complain of lower figures than expected. What could have happened? There is a clarification to be made, due, in respect of our readers: we have always written that even the net figures … Read more

100% useful substitutes for salary increases and career reconstruction, in Lanciano the judge marries the line of Anief lawyers

Substitutes are 100% useful services for career reconstruction and to increase the salary ranges of teachers and ATA: this was confirmed by the court of Lanciano, which examined the appeal filed by a technical assistant, hired on a permanent contract 1 September 2016 in a school in Lanciano, since in the career reconstruction not all … Read more

Léa Salamé: couple, France Inter, What era, salary, son, Twitter… Know everything

She is every morning on France Inter and at the head every Saturday evening of Quelle époque! on France 2. Closer tells you more about Léa Salamé. Léa Salamé: who is she in a relationship with? Lea Salame has been in a relationship with Raphaël Glucksmann since 2016. The essayist and politician has been a … Read more

Salary December 2022: teachers and ATAs suspended for failure to comply with the vaccination obligation will have neither thirteenth salary nor arrears for those months

The salary amount + thirteenth month of December 2022 is arriving on current accounts and in any case already viewable on NoiPA. A small bonus, to which the arrears of the three-year period 2019/21 will add up in a few days. The total sum varies for each one, based on the professional profile and length … Read more