13 Dance Scenes That Are Just As Iconic As The One From ‘Wednesday’ — Some Are Hilarious

The action or drama sequences are not always the most remembered in series or movies, sometimes it is the dance scenes that remain in the memory of the fans, such as in the footsteps of Merlina Addams. Here we leave you some of the most iconic dance scenes that have appeared on the screen in … Read more

“The Outreau affair”: behind the scenes of the France 2 event series

Through Florian Brassart Published on 15 Jan 23 at 18:04 News Pas-de-Calais See my news Follow this media France 2 returned to the Outreau affair, 20 years later. Dive behind the scenes of the event series. (©FranceTVPro) The event series soon arrives on your screens. France 2 returned to the Outreau affair20 years after the … Read more

Behind the scenes of school canteens

Parents generally have bad memories of their meals in the canteen. However, in recent years, school canteens have been in the midst of a revolution. While guaranteeing balanced meals for the health of our children, the menus display more and more vegetarian dishes as well as organic and local products. Some establishments are even starting … Read more

Go behind the scenes of Alyra’s blockchain training (Part 5 and end)

Since its appearance a few years ago, the blockchain has gradually impacted uses in all areas of global economic activity. Thanks to its ability to promote better data consumption and ensure optimal security, it has grown enormously and has established itself as an essential innovation in the modern world. Today, companies and various organizations make … Read more

Behind the scenes at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna

Cheval magazine had the honor of being invited to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. In the heart of the Austrian capital, we were able to discover this symbolic place where passion, history and tradition mingle. By Marie Herblot It is barely 6 o’clock in the morning when the first whinnies escape. Right in the … Read more

Behind the scenes of the animal hospital at the Maisons

By Writing Val de Marne Published on 13 Nov 22 at 9:18 News Val-de-Marne See my news Follow this media Léa, a student at the animal hospital of the Maisons-Alfort veterinary school, takes part in an ultrasound. (©Delphine Dauvergne) From 8:30 a.m. animal hospital from the veterinary school of Houses-Alfort (Val de Marne) welcomes its … Read more

Behind the scenes of the deal between Twitch and television

The debate between the two rounds organized by France Télévisions and TF1 could be commented on Twitch. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP The PAF and the French streamers have spent several years fighting each other. They are now looking to work together. For years, Twitch and French television got along like cat and dog. Streamers and … Read more

Go behind the scenes of Alyra’s blockchain training (Part 2)

About ten days ago, I published a report about the first two weeks of one of the blockchain trainings organized by Alyra. As a reminder, this is a school specializing in the field of blockchain launched in 2018. The training I am currently following is called “Leading an innovative project”, in particular intended for future … Read more

Gilles Verdez accuses a columnist of having “attacked” Béatrice Orsen behind the scenes of TPMP!

It is common knowledge that the relationship between Gilles Verdez and Matthieu Delormeau is strained. Many times, the two leading columnists of “TPMP” clashed on the air. We remember in particular their violent altercation during the debate concerning Idrissa Gueye. Since then, the animosity is still palpable between the two men. And the revelation of … Read more