Nantes vineyard. In this town, the two schools are wondering about the return to the 4

Through Writing Clisson Published on 2 Feb 23 at 15:52 The Weekly of Sèvre et Maine See my news Follow this media At Maisdon-sur-Sèvre public school, an extraordinary school council met on Thursday January 26 to decide whether or not to change school timetables. For 2023, it will not change, but the time will be … Read more

The Aflokkat campus: a new higher education offer for students in Corsica with the ECMA, EMMA and ESIA schools

Aflokkat, a major island player in training for more than 12 years, is opening 3 new schools in Ajaccio and Bastia. It is based on its proximity to the local economic fabric and its knowledge of business needs that Aflokkat initiated the creation of its campus. Under the Campus Aflokkat banner are grouped the 3 … Read more

Schools that help their students transition their gender, without telling their families

Jessica Bradshaw told the New York Times that she found an assignment from her son 15 years old, with a name I didn’t know at the top. Thus, with a scribble, it was that she discovered that her son identified himself as transgender in its schoolin the south of California, USAwhere they had let him … Read more

Increase in class hours in schools will be to teach English

The measure of the schools is to solve competition debts in students that were caused by the pandemic The increase in class hours in the private schoolswhich will go from 25 to 30 each week, will help students, mainly in kindergarten and basic education, receive English classes, which will allow them to reach high school … Read more

Summer Schools 2023 received sporting goods kits

Through an articulated work between the regional ministerial secretariats of Sport, Education, Social Development and Family; the National Sports Institute (IND) and JUNAEB, took place at the O’Higgins University, the induction session for 27 community managers and IND monitors of the Program “Centers for Children with Temporary Main Caregivers 2023”, within the framework of the … Read more

The City of Marseille is taking action for schools and launching the 2023 projects | City of Marseilles

More than ever committed to restoring territorial equity and guaranteeing dignified learning conditions for schoolchildren, the City of Marseille launches the 2023 school renovation projects. Priority of the municipal majority, the renovation plan for the 470 schools in Marseille, launched in October 2021, continues in 2023, with the aim of renovating or creating 174 schools. … Read more

Occupation of schools in Grenoble: “The State is failing” judges the deputy Christine Garnier

Hardly had winter set in, emergency accommodation services were already saturated, to the great concern of associations, particularly in Grenoble, where, for several weeks, families have occupied four schools in the city , with the support of parents, teachers and elected officials. “The state is failing“, estimates this Friday, January 20 on France Bleu Isère … Read more

1 million euros to buy PCs for schools: the M5S launches the “Let’s do digital school” initiative

The 5 Star Movement intends to allocate 1 million euros of the sums deriving from the waiver of part of the allowances and reimbursements envisaged for all parliamentarians to public schools, for the purchase of portable personal computers to be used for specific projects (such as, for example: setting up computer room, updating existing PCs, … Read more

Middle school, before talking about a weak link, investigate the management of schools and compliance with the rules of the system. Letter

Sent by Enrico Maranzana – For many years the middle school has been seen as the weak link in the school system; the way to remedy this ineffectiveness, however, has never been identified, also because the problem has not been placed in an adequate framework. Yet the sphere of reference was and is in full … Read more

One week after classes start, there are still places in public schools in Santander

One week after the start of classes in public schools in Santander, the Secretary of Education called on parents to enroll their children, since there are about 21,000 available places that are still pending for the year. elective of 2023. How to enroll? Parents or guardians must go to each of the institutions, of the … Read more