Miscellaneous – Suspecting a sexual assault on his son at school, he tries to take justice into his own hands

Since Tuesday January 24, 2023, a father whose son is educated in the middle section at the Saint-Denis-lès-Sens nursery school, has been protesting against the reinstatement of a versatile municipal agent whom he suspects of sexual assault. on her child. Panel in hand, he directly challenges the police, the town hall and the justice system, … Read more

“Sambre, radioscopy of a news item” or indifference towards sexual violence against women

This is perhaps the proof of a book that recounts a news item brilliantly: knowing, from the first pages, the outcome (the perpetrator of the crimes, and his sentence) and yet finishing the reading, panting, as if we had just discovered the story. Dino Scala was found guilty on June 10, 2022 of having committed … Read more

“Boomerang” Tuesday October 5, 2022 on France 2: unpublished fiction with Corinne Masiero on sexual assault at work

On Wednesday October 5, 2022, as part of a special ongoing evening devoted to sexual assault at work, France 2 will broadcast the fiction “Boomerang” at 9:10 p.m., which will be followed by an on-set debate hosted by Julian Bugier. The story in a nutshell… At the print shop Monteil, relations between women and men … Read more

Sum 2022 33 sexual complaints in schools

Tijuana BC.- During 2022 in the schools of lower california were counted 33 incidents of a sexual nature in which at least 10 teachers were permanently suspended. According to the statistics of the Secretary of State Educationthroughout the year that ended there were 126 incidents in Baja California schools related to family violence, digital violence, … Read more

The most intimate side of Mario Vaquerizo: from his long relationship with Alaska to his great sexual confession

Mario Vaquerizo He is one of the best-known faces on Spanish television. Married to Alaska since 1999, the showman 47 years old began his career as an artist manager and has continued as singer and collaborator of radio and television. His beginnings were in the Faculty of Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, where … Read more

Janitor and director removed for alleged sexual abuse: Seyd

Francisco Cordova / The Journal Tuesday, December 06, 2022 | 05:00 The Ministry of Education and Sports reported that the janitor accused of alleged sexual abuse against students of the “Chihuahua 2757” school was removed from the school since last Friday after the agency received the complaint in the case. Determination that was also applied … Read more

They denounce sexual abuse of a teacher against a minor in a Coquimbo school

A complicated event went viral on social networks this weekend and was published by the newspaper El Día: the dismissal of a teacher from the Manuel Montt school in Coquimbo after a complaint of sexual abuse of a seventh grade student. Mi Radio was able to communicate with the victim’s mother, whose identity we are … Read more

Sexual abuse against children and adolescents: The key role of schools in alarming situations

By Luciano Peralta If Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI) were called another way, if it did not include the word “sexual”, the prejudices would be less, as would the resistance to addressing it. But, as in any order of life, prejudice is fought with information. That is the work that the people responsible for the ESI … Read more

They protest at the Chilpancingo High School for sexual harassment of an employee against the reporter María Avilés

By Alina Navarrete Fernandez women journalists of Warrior protested at the General Directorate of the Colegio de Bachilleres (Cobach) in chilpancingo against the sexual harassmentafter the reporter María Avilés Rodríguez she was harassed by an administrative worker. On Wednesday, María Avilés was covering a protest in the vicinity of the La Avispa Museum when she … Read more